Cookie Run 16-30: Discover the Ultimate Guide to Beating Fiery Star’s Wrath of Cookie Run 16-30!

Beating stage 16-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom is far from easy. The Fiery Star’s Wrath boss fight is highly challenging, and its strikes are deadly. In this guide, we’ll provide you with tips and tricks to help you beat 16-30.

Pick Your Cookies

The first thing you need to focus on is picking the right Cookies. You can have a total of five Cookies on your team, so make sure you select the best ones for the job. Here are five Cookies that we recommend:

1. Financier Cookie

A strong defense-type Cookie is essential in this fight. Therefore, we recommend a Cookie like Financier, who is an excellent choice for the front line. Make sure you equip them with all five Almond toppings.

2. Milkyway Cookie

Milkyway Cookie has excellent crowd control abilities and can deal decent damage. It’s recommended to have them in the middle with a Raspberry and Almond topping on it.

3. Black Pearl Cookie

Another good middle row Cookie is Black Pearl Cookie, with a Blueberry and Almond topping that can dish out very hard damage.

4. Cotton Cookie

Cotton is another recommended Cookie to have in the middle. With a Mint and Blueberry topping, this Cookie can heal the other Cookies and deal decent damage.

5. Pure Vanilla Cookie

You need a good healer in the rear, and Pure Vanilla Cookie is an excellent choice. Be sure to equip them with Chocolate toppings. Their healing abilities will play a crucial role in beating stage 16-30.

Level Up Your Cookies and Treasures

Your Cookies should be leveled up to at least 65. It’s also important to ensure that your Treasures are appropriately leveled up. Your Cookie Run Kingdom team will have the best odds of beating stage 16-30 if you use the following Treasures:

1. Old Pilgrim’s Scroll

This Treasure can boost your team’s defense and is quite useful for the front line.

2. Squishy Jelly Watch

This Treasure increases your team’s speed, which is very advantageous. It’s better to have it on the middle row.

3. Hollyberian Royal Necklace

This Treasure will increase your Cookie’s combat power, and it’s undoubtedly useful for the healer Cookie, which should be at the rear.

Turn Off Auto-Attack

It’s essential to turn off auto-attack so that you can time your abilities yourself. This is especially true for Pure Vanilla’s healing abilities. Save it until it’s absolutely necessary, as boss has some heavy attacks that can’t be evaded.

Use Dynamical Decoupling

One of the noise suppression techniques, dynamical decoupling, can significantly enhance the quantum algorithm’s performance even against the errors typically seen at this scale. Although classic computers can still solve this problem faster in absolute terms, the quantum algorithm’s advantage becomes more evident as obstacles become more complex.

Be Patient and Strategic

In general, taking things slow, being strategic, and waiting for the right opportunity to attack will greatly increase your odds of success.


By following these tips, you should be able to beat the Fiery Star’s Wrath boss fight in stage 16-30 of Cookie Run Kingdom. Remember to pick the right Cookies, level them up, turn off auto-attack, use noise suppression techniques like dynamical decoupling, and stay patient and strategic throughout the fight.


1. What’s the best way to pick Cookies for stage 16-30?

The best way to select Cookies for stage 16-30 is to go with our recommendations. We’ve tested different combinations and found that Financier, Milkyway, Black Pearl, Cotton, and Pure Vanilla Cookies work best for the fight. Don’t forget to equip them with appropriate toppings!

2. Why do I need to turn off auto-attack?

You should turn off auto-attack so that you can time your abilities and Pure Vanilla’s heals accurately. You need to save up Vanilla’s heals until you see the best moment to use them because boss can incapacitate your Cookies in one or two hits.

3. Is level 65 mandatory for success?

We strongly recommend it. Your Cookies should ideally be leveled up to 65 or at least close to it. The same goes for the Treasures you’re planning to use.

4. Are the Treasures necessary for success?

Treasures can significantly improve your odds of success, so we strongly recommend using them. Go with Old Pilgrim’s Scroll, Squishy Jelly Watch, and Hollyberian Royal Necklace

5. Is there any particular strategy or tactic to use in stage 16-30 of Cookie Run Kingdom?

Yes, timing your abilities (especially Pure Vanilla’s heals) precisely is crucial. Additionally, being strategic and patient when fighting will undoubtedly increase your chances of success.


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