Get Ready for Off the Charts Soccer Action with MLS Season Pass 2023 Subscription!

MLS Season Pass 2023: Everything You Need to Know

Major League Soccer (MLS) has recently announced MLS Season Pass 2023, which will be launched on February 1, 2023. In partnership with Apple, the subscription service will provide fans with a more accessible and expansive programming lineup for MLS games. This historic first for a major professional sports league introduces an unprecedented subscription service to fans in over 100 countries and regions, offering every live MLS regular-season match, the entire playoffs, and the Leagues Cup, all with no blackouts.

Eligibility and Terms

To be eligible for the MLS Season Pass, one must adhere to the specific terms and conditions as indicated in the MLS Season Pass agreement. All matches are only available in the country that matches the store front on which the code is being redeemed. The promotional code is not for resale and has no cash value. The monthly subscription will renew at your region’s price per month after the promotion until canceled.

The Subscription Packages

The MLS Season Pass subscription comes in two different packages—a monthly subscription of $14.99 for the season, and an annual subscription package of $99 per season. Apple TV+ subscribers can sign up for a special price of $12.99 per month and $79 per season.

Full-season Subscription Package

A subscription to MLS Season Pass will be included as part of every full-season ticket package with MLS clubs. One subscription access code per paid full-season ticket account, regardless of the total number of full-season tickets on the account.

Watching Matching on MLS Season Pass

MLS Season Pass will bring MLS matches to billions of devices via the Apple TV app. Fans can access matches on Apple devices, smart TVs, streaming devices, set-top boxes, game consoles, and the web at Matches featuring English and Spanish broadcast crews are available, while all matches involving Canadian teams are available in French.

MLS Season Pass Programming

MLS Season Pass will provide fans with in-depth coverage of their favorite clubs every week throughout the season. During game days, the subscription service will feature an exclusive live-match whip-around show. Fans will also have access to game replays, highlights, and analysis.

MLS 2023 Schedule

The MLS 2023 regular season will kick off on February 25, with the first home opener revealed thus far being the 2022 MLS Cup champions Los Angeles FC against the LA Galaxy in a historic match showcasing Los Angeles’ marquee soccer rivalry at the Rose Bowl Stadium. All matches during the “MLS is Back” opening weekend will be available to watch for free on the Apple TV app.

MLS Season Pass Report Card

Now that MLS Season Pass has been running for a month or so, the streaming subscription service can be rated on various aspects of its service. Here are some of the report card categories to consider:

Picture Quality: A

The viewing experience on MLS Season Pass is exceptional, providing a significantly improved look-and-feel, especially when compared to games FOX shows at the same time as the ones on MLS Season Pass.

Functionality: D

The user experience for MLS Season Pass isn’t as intuitive for live sports as it should be. Comcast Xfinity subscribers watching MLS Season Pass, Android users, and issues with spoilers being the default setting have low ratings.

Commentators: B

MLS commentators on MLS Season Pass have been a fine addition, especially with the option of local-home announcers in every game.

Studio Talent: A-

Sacha Kljestan on MLS 360, Bradley Wright-Phillips, and Keith Costigan have been fantastic additions from the studio talent of MLS Season Pass.

Programming: C

Outside of the games themselves and MLS 360, MLS Season Pass programming has been a disappointment.


MLS Season Pass subscription service provides accessibility and widespread fan access to live MLS regular-season matches, the entire playoffs, and the Leagues Cup. Although some areas of the service require improvement, it’s a vital step in making MLS games more available to billions of devices and fans worldwide.


1. Is MLS Season Pass available for all countries?

MLS Season Pass is available in over 100 countries and regions, provided that the specific terms and conditions stated in the MLS Season Pass agreement are met.

2. What is the difference between a monthly and annual subscription?

The monthly subscription of $14.99 is for the season, while the annual subscription package of $99 per season is more cost-effective for fans who don’t want the monthly inconvenience.

3. Can fans subscribe to MLS Season Pass even without an Apple account?

No. To subscribe to MLS Season Pass, an Apple account with a valid payment method must be available on file.

4. What specific matches will be included in the MLS Season Pass programming?

MLS Season Pass will be home to the most expansive and accessible programming lineup ever for MLS fans, including all MLS and Leagues Cup matches, as well as hundreds of MLS NEXT Pro and MLS NEXT games during the season.

5. Will all matches be available for replay?

Yes. Fans will be able to watch match replays, highlight packages, and more so they can catch up on anything they missed on and off the pitch.


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