Is It True? Ted Lasso Season 4 Cancellation Confirmed by Creator and Cast!

Is There Going to Be a Ted Lasso Season 4?

Ted Lasso is a critically acclaimed Apple TV+ series that premiered in August 2020. The show has won over twenty Primetime Emmy Awards, with season 3 being the latest to drop. Many fans are wondering if there will be a Ted Lasso season 4. In this article, we’ll explore what the series creator, executive producers, and the cast have said about the future of the show, potential spinoffs, and what fans can expect.

Will There Be a Ted Lasso Season 4?

What the Creator and Star Has Said

The story of Ted Lasso was only meant to be a three-season arc, according to show creator and star Jason Sudeikis. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Sudeikis said, “the idea was to do three years.” He also stressed that content-wise, season 3 “has a Season 4 within itself.”

What the Executive Producer Has Said

Executive producer Bill Lawrence revealed that the decision to keep the sports comedy is in the hands of Sudeikis and the show’s producers. He shared with Deadline at the ATX TV Festival in June 2022 that a season 4 is not guaranteed, but there’s always a possibility.

What the Actors Have Said

Sudeikis has been vague about the show’s future. However, Brett Goldstein, who plays Roy Kent and is an executive producer, teased in June what fans could expect from the Ted Lasso universe. Goldstein joked about the possibility of a ghost Ted for season 4 but said he’s not sure if Apple would be open to the idea. He also shared that season 3 is being written as the show’s last.

What Would Ted Lasso Season 4 Be About?

The show’s creator and star believe that the season 3 finale would leave fans content with the series’ wrap-up. However, Sudeikis told Deadline that he’s open to the idea of spinoffs. He said, “we’ve set the table for all sorts of folks … to get to watch the further telling of these stories.”

What the Executive Producer Has Said

According to Hunt, the end of season 3 is “likely the end of this story because we always saw it as a three-part thing.” However, adding that closure is not the end, and there could be some type of continuation or spinoff.

What the Actors Have Said

Nick Mohammed, who plays assistant-turned-manager Nate, also expressed optimism about a possible spinoff. He told Entertainment Weekly, “I feel like the writers were really open at the end of season two to be like, first off, there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing.”

What Would a Ted Lasso Spinoff Series Be About?

Potential Spinoff Ideas

With characters as interesting as Ted Lasso and his crew, there’s potential for a spinoff series, according to Channing Dungey, CEO of Warner Bros. Television Group. She told Deadline in February 2023, “There’s also a way to crack open a door if [they’re] fortunate enough to do more.”

Brendon Hunt, who plays Coach Beard in the show, hinted that there could be a potential spinoff centered around the show’s characters. He shared with Deadline in March 2023, “there will be some type of closure to this beat but closure is not necessarily the end.”


While there’s no confirmation that there will be a Ted Lasso season 4 or a spinoff series, the future of the show is not entirely bleak. The show’s creator and star leave the door open for possibilities, while the executive producer and actors are optimistic about the universe expanding beyond the initial three seasons. Whether fans will see more of Ted and his crew remains to be seen.


1. How many Primetime Emmy Awards has Ted Lasso won?

Ted Lasso has won over twenty Primetime Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for Jason Sudeikis.

2. Will Ted Lasso season 3 be the last season?

Yes, creator and star Jason Sudeikis confirmed in March 2023 that season 3 would be the end of this particular story.

3. Is there potential for a Ted Lasso spinoff series?

Yes, according to executive producer Brett Goldstein and Warner Bros. Television Group CEO Channing Dungey. Both have expressed optimism about the possibility of expanding the Ted Lasso universe beyond the initial three seasons.

4. What would a potential Ted Lasso spinoff focus on?

There’s no official word on what a spinoff series would focus on, but potential ideas could revolve around the show’s beloved characters, such as Coach Beard or Nate the Great.

5. Will Ted Lasso ever return on Cameo?

According to Jason Sudeikis, he’s open to the idea of returning as Ted on Cameo, a platform where fans can pay for personalized videos from celebrities.


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