Minibus Tarkov Guide: Locate and Mark with Ease!

Escape from Tarkov is one of the most challenging games out there. Players need to navigate a complex environment, scavenge for supplies, and avoid enemy players. One fundamental aspect of the game is finding and marking minibuses on the Interchange map. This guide will help you locate and mark three minibuses to fulfill a Tarkov quest.

Overview of the Quest

The quest requires players to locate and mark three yellow minibuses using an MS2000 marker on the Interchange map. Here is a brief overview of the quest:

  • Step 1: Buy three MS2000 markers from Prapor
  • Step 2: Find the first minibus by locating a hole on the ground floor of the mall and going down and turning right twice.
  • Step 3: Locate the second minibus in the corner to the left of the destroyed passage.
  • Step 4: Locate the third minibus and mark all three using the MS2000 markers.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Buy MS2000 Markers from Prapor

Before you set out to find the minibuses, you will need to buy three MS2000 markers from Prapor. These markers are essential for marking the minibuses and completing the quest.

Step 2: Finding the First Minibus

The first minibus can be found by locating a hole on the ground floor of the mall. Once you have found the hole, go down and turn right twice. The first minibus will be nearby.

Additional Details:

LocationGround floor of the mall
DirectionsGo down and turn right twice

Step 3: Finding the Second Minibus

The second minibus is located in the corner to the left of the destroyed passage. It is easy to spot and should not take long to find.

Additional Details:

LocationCorner to the left of the destroyed passage

Step 4: Finding and Marking the Third Minibus

The third minibus can be found in the parking lot at the Interchange. Mark it using the MS2000 marker and complete the quest.

Additional Details:

LocationParking lot at the Interchange


The quest to find and mark minibuses in Tarkov can be challenging for players. However, with this guide, you now have a step-by-step plan to locate and mark all three minibuses in the Interchange map. Remember to buy the MS2000 markers from Prapor and follow the directions to locate each minibus. Good luck!


1. Can I find the minibuses without the MS2000 markers?

No, you cannot. The MS2000 markers are essential for marking the minibuses and completing the quest. Make sure to buy them before you start looking for the minibuses.

2. Do I need to complete this quest to progress in the game?

No, this quest is not essential for your progression in the game. However, completing the quest will help you gain XP, reputation, and rewards.

3. Are there any other quests that require finding minibuses?

Yes, there are other quests that require finding minibuses on different maps. Keep an eye out for them and make sure to complete them for XP and rewards.

4. Can I find the minibuses without using this guide?

Yes, you can. However, this guide provides a step-by-step plan that can help you quickly locate and mark all three minibuses. It is recommended for players who are having trouble finding the minibuses on their own.

5. Can I sell the MS2000 markers after completing the quest?

Yes, you can. After completing the quest, you can sell the MS2000 markers to any vendor in the game.


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