Succession Season 4 Episode 8: A Must-Watch Gut-Wrenching Hour on the US Elections

Succession Season 4 Episode 8 Review: “America Decides”

The eighth episode of the fourth season of the award-winning HBO series Succession is full of cynicism and honesty. The article takes an in-depth look at the episode that explores not only what happens on election night but also everything that has already happened. The echoes of the previous two presidential elections are so shrill that it’s as impossible as ever to press the dial. The article explores the different schemes of the characters and their efforts to manipulate the outcome of the election.


  • Introduction
  • Deconstruction of the Episode
  • Review at a Glance
  • The Plot of the Episode
  • Plausible yet Incomprehensible
  • The Finest Setting for Succession
  • The Duplicitous Characters
  • The Showdown of Characters
  • Cousin Greg
  • The Funeral of Logan
  • The GoJo Deal
  • Collateral Damage
  • Two Episodes Left
  • Unexpected Alliances
  • The Final Outcome
  • Conclusion
  • FAQ

Deconstruction of the Episode

Succession’s newest episode, “America Decides,” tackles the United States’ fictional election night with a cynical eye that is commendable. The episode dissects the actual and potential fallout from such an election, portraying it as a literally hellish experience, and yet it remains impossible to switch off the television. “We just made a night of good TV. That’s what we’ve done,” explains Roman, acknowledging the cynicism permeating the episode. However, even there, it’s worth noting that the show does not limit itself to shock appeal but instead tells a story driven by character.

Review at a Glance

The supporters of Succession’s far-right candidate in America Decides, now confronted with the prospect of losing, similarly set fire to the ballots and effectually turn the election result around. Although perhaps somewhat hard to comprehend due to the convoluted nature of US elections, it all appears plausible. The setting of the newsroom where the episode takes place is where Succession’s characters are most naturally involved, making some high-stake decisions on the fly.

The Plot of the Episode

From all sides, schemes and underhanded ploys take place. Roman demonstrates that if ATN chooses Mencken, then they will be able to bring Lukas Matsson within reach. Shiv orchestrates political moves behind the scenes to promote Matsson. Meanwhile, Kendall is struggling with his ambitions to be the new CEO of Waystar Royco and is ridden with guilt at the thought of causing his daughter to suffer if the far-right candidate wins.

Plausible yet Incomprehensible

The setting of the newsroom where the episode takes place is where Succession’s characters are most naturally involved, making some high-stake decisions on the fly. This makes for a great plot device but may prove challenging for those unfamiliar with the US election process.

The Finest Setting for Succession

Succession is at its best when the setting is in a buzzing newsroom as an election unfolds, and everyone is talking in million-miles-an-hour one-liners, making ludicrously risky decisions on the fly. The show’s characters are constantly duplicitous, so a wife revealing to her husband that she is pregnant with his child can still be a twisted move.

The Duplicitous Characters

Every character is so unbelievably duplicitous that it comes as no surprise when they turn on each other. As a result, the episode sees Shiv turn on Tom, Greg on Tom and Shiv, and Kendall on Roman. This leaves Roman and Kendall out of depth, not knowing whom they can trust.

The Showdown of Characters

The one-to-one showdowns that happen throughout the episode are the highlights. Cousin Greg shines in the episode, revealing secrets and resorting to drugs to survive. His performances in the scenes with Tom and Shiv are commendable, with Nicholas Braun’s expressions slipping seamlessly from terrified to treacherous.

Cousin Greg

Cousin Greg returns to his “Machiavellian f**k” best, leaning more towards his eccentricities. His previous underuse for a few episodes did not escape the notice of the writers, and they gave him a highlight moment to make up for it.

The Funeral of Logan

Now that the second last episode has ended, the final two episodes will feature some new twists. The funeral of Logan in the next episode provides the perfect recipe for unexpected alliances since what follows is still unknown. In terms of character dynamics and their goals clashing, Succession never fails to entertain.

The GoJo Deal

Regarding the GoJo deal that has been crucial to Succession Season 4, it seems all but lost. At the time of writing, how and in what way it will blow up remains unanswered. What is clear is that the damage is long-lasting and will affect every character.

Collateral Damage

As a direct result of the election, the expected collateral damage and consequences for each character’s actions could prove to be utterly catastrophic in succeeding episodes. An impending family crisis is looming large over the Roys.

Two Episodes Left

As the second last episode ends, the beginning of the end is in sight. Fans of the show can expect two final episodes that will likely shatter their expectations drastically. Nothing is too impossible for the show, which constantly raises the bar in every season.

Unexpected Alliances

New alliances are formed when characters are pushed to the edge. So while fans may think a particular character will act one way, they could surprise viewers with their actions. Succession is a series that accomplishes tricky character development while maintaining a solid plot, and the final episodes will still carry that tradition.

The Final Outcome

As the series prepares to wrap up what could be one of the best seasons, Succession promises to keep fans on the edge of their seats until the final scene. With each character’s goal coming to a head, some will succeed while others will fail. The competitors will be picked off one by one until one person comes out on top.


Succession’s America Decides episode is a portrayal of how far people can go in plotting and scheming to secure a win. The episode is a great example of how well Succession blends high stakes with drama. Nicholas Braun’s performance stood out in the crowd of big moments from the hour-long episode. With two episodes remaining in Season 4, fans should prepare themselves for an emotional, plot-heavy finale.


Q1: What is the premise of Succession?
A: Succession is a show about a wealthy family empire-controlled by patriarch Logan Roy- that operates a global media and entertainment empire. Season four revolves around the ongoing battle for the CEO position at Waystar Royco.

Q2: Who stars in Succession?
A: Succession features a stellar ensemble cast, including Brian Cox as Logan Roy, Jeremy Strong as Kendall Roy, Kieran Culkin as Roman Roy, Sarah Snook as Shiv Roy, and Nicholas Braun as Cousin Greg.

Q3: What is the critical acclaim for Succession?
A: Succession has been widely praised by critics for its exceptional writing, cast performances, and expert direction and has won numerous accolades, including Golden Globes, Emmy Awards, and Critics’ Choice Awards.

Q4: Is Succession worth watching?
A: Absolutely. Succession is a gripping drama series that excels in its writing, performances, and direction. Fans of family dramas and political thrillers should add this series to their watchlist.

Q5: Is there a possibility of Succession returning for Season 5?
A: The show has been renewed for a fifth season, although a release date has yet to be confirmed.


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