Chris Hemsworth MAJOR MARRIAGE PROBLEM & DIVORCE Rumor Explained.

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky are one of Hollywood’s cutest couples. They’ve been married for over ten years. However, not everything between the two appears to be going well. Let’s see what’s going on between the two.

There is a lot of speculation about the state of Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky’s marriage. Multiple sources have claimed that there are problems in paradise, with one insider telling Life & Style “they’ve been doing their best to cling onto their marriage,” but Gossip Cop later debunked these claims as false after speaking directly Elsa who said she never noticed any issues between her husband-to draw a quick fire from another website.

Elsa and Chris are happily married, with sources claiming that the couple has been fighting lately over Hemsworth being friendly towards another actress who starred alongside him in Thor: Love And Thunder. However, it seems like these reports were false because they later issued a denial when asked about their marital status via email by a Gossip Cop core memberTMZ!

The timeline of Chris and Elsa’s relationship

Chris and Elsa met in 2010 through William Ward, a talent agency. Elsa is a Spanish actress and model. After dating for a while, the pair decided to make their relationship public. They married in Australia over Christmas weekend in December 2010. They have three children together. In May of 2012, their first child, a daughter, was born. Their daughter was given the name India. March Elsa gave birth to their twin sons Tristan and Sasha in 2014.

What was the beginning of it all?

Although the pair have been together for ten years, Elsa recently stated in an interview that maintaining a ten-year marriage is a challenging task. Chris Hemsworth, who is best known for playing Thor in the Marvel films, has a sizable female following. This is one of the issues that his wife is concerned about. She revealed in the interview that she is concerned about her husband’s female fans. Hemsworth, Pataky believes, can betray her at any time.

Following the success of the Marvel films, Chris garnered a lot of praise for his portrayal of Thor. He went on to sign a slew of new projects after that. Hemsworth is always filming and shooting something. As a result, he finds it difficult to devote time to his family and wife. Elsa, on the other hand, remains at home with their children. This is what threw the Spanish model for a loop. Chris is unable to spend meaningful time with her and their children because he is unable to work.

The 38-year-old actor spends most of his time on set, where he is frequently surrounded by female admirers and co-stars. His female fans are present on all of his dates, excursions, and events. This creates some friction because Elsa is often left out. She dreads spending time alone with her hubby.

The couple’s relationship was in shambles. Chris was getting a lot of work, but something was lacking. He made the decision to take a sabbatical from his job. Chris revealed in June 2019 that he will be taking a break from acting to spend more time with his wife and children.

What’s going on between the two of them?

Pataky spoke with Australia’s Body + Soul magazine in August 2020. People think of them as an ideal pair, she said. This, however, is not the case. In their marriage, there have been highs and lows. Their relationship is still being worked on, and it is not easy. She considers herself to be an optimistic person who sees the bright side of everything.

The couple will celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary in December 2020. It appears that the couple is always attempting to improve their relationship. Divorce is still out of the question for them. Fans are hopeful that the separation rumors are untrue and that the marriage remains as strong as ever. Let’s just hope it’s only a rumor and that everything between the pair is fine.


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