Ted Lasso Season 4: What We Know So Far About The Show’s Future and Spinoffs!

Ted Lasso fans are rooting for more!

Ted Lasso has been a hit show since its debut on Apple TV+ in 2020. The show revolves around the character of Ted Lasso, a coach who moves to the UK to manage a fictional soccer team AFC Richmond. With season 3 on its way, fans are curious about the future of the show. Will there be more seasons of Ted Lasso? Will there be spinoff series featuring the characters of the show? In this article, we will answer all your questions about the future of this iconic show in detail.

Will there be a Ted Lasso season 4?

There has been much speculation around whether there will be a fourth season of Ted Lasso. In July 2021, series creator Jason Sudeikis hinted that the show would continue for three seasons only. However, in June 2022, executive producer Bill Lawrence revealed that the decision to continue the show is in Sudeikis’ hands. In March 2023, Sudeikis confirmed that the forthcoming season of Ted Lasso would be the last.

What would Ted Lasso season 4 be about?

While Sudeikis believes that the season 3 finale of Ted Lasso will leave fans satisfied with the show’s end, fans still want to know what a fourth season would be about. Sudeikis has been tight-lipped about the possibilities, but his co-star and executive producer Brett Goldstein jokingly suggested that a season 4 could feature a “ghost Ted”.

Will there be a Ted Lasso spinoff series?

It’s not the end of the road for Ted Lasso characters. While season 3 might be the show’s last, executive producer Brendon Hunt indicated to Deadline that a spinoff series could be in the works. Ted Lasso’s success has been largely due to its well-written characters, so a spinoff featuring some of the characters could be a possibility.

What would a Ted Lasso spinoff series be about?

Sudeikis hasn’t offered any suggestions for a spinoff series, but he has said that a Ted Lasso spinoff series isn’t out of the realm of possibility. As for the content of the spinoff series, there’s no telling which characters could get their own show. Possible candidates for the spinoff series include Brendan Hunt’s Coach Beard and Nick Mohammed’s Nate.

What else do we know about the future of Ted Lasso?

The show has won critical acclaim and multiple awards, including Emmys for Best Comedy and Best Actor for Sudeikis. While season 3 might be the end, fans of Ted Lasso can still enjoy the show’s success and the possibility of spinoffs or movies in the future.

What do fans and critics think about Ted Lasso?

The show has been praised for its heartwarming storyline, relatable characters, and its ability to make the audience laugh and cry. Critics have called Ted Lasso “a gentle, life-affirming antidote to the cynicism of our times,” while fans have said that the show has helped them through difficult times by giving them hope and making them feel good.

What has the show’s impact been on the soccer community?

Ted Lasso has captured the hearts of not only fans but also soccer players and coaches across the world. The show has been hailed by soccer experts for accurately portraying the sport, its players, and the fans. Several professional soccer players and managers have praised Ted Lasso for its positive portrayal of the sport and its impact on promoting sportsmanship and positivity.


Ted Lasso has been a fan-favorite since its debut on Apple TV+ in 2020. With season 3 on its way, fans are excited to see what the future holds for the iconic show. While Sudeikis has confirmed that season 3 will be the show’s last, fans can still be hopeful for spinoffs or movies in the future. The show’s impact on the soccer community and its fans has been significant, and the world is a better place with Ted Lasso in it.


1. Will Ted Lasso return after season 3?

No, season 3 of Ted Lasso will be the show’s last. Jason Sudeikis confirmed this in March 2023.

2. Will there be a Ted Lasso movie?

There’s been no announcement regarding a Ted Lasso movie, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

3. What is the show’s impact on mental health and wellbeing?

Ted Lasso has been praised for its positive impact on mental health and wellbeing. The show’s emphasis on positivity, hope, and sportsmanship has resonated with viewers, helping them through difficult times.

4. Who is the most popular character on Ted Lasso?

Ted Lasso has several well-liked and memorable characters, including Ted Lasso himself, Coach Beard, and Roy Kent. However, it’s tough to pinpoint one character as the most popular, as fans have different preferences.

5. What other shows are similar to Ted Lasso?

Sport-centric shows like Friday Night Lights and All American have similarities to Ted Lasso. Other shows that share Ted Lasso’s heartwarming and positive spirit include The Good Place and Parks and Recreation.


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