Top Six Beach Towns in Florida with affordable living

Many investors looking for affordable cost of houses in Miami-Dade forget about other cities in Florida. We’ve selected the top 6 beach towns of the state to enjoy inexpensive living free from austerity and never getting bored.

Daytona Beach

It is one of the most budget-friendly beach towns in the Sunshine State. The average home price reaches only about $270,000. There are several parts of the town that retired people prefer.

The town is home to NASCAR and its headquarters. That’s why many professional drivers and crew professionals like automotive engineers and mechanics live here.

Country-known colleges and universities offer quality education to students. Even an IT graduate can find a suitable job opportunity here.

Spacious mall outlets are an attraction for leisure activities. You can visit art galleries and museums, play golf, watch dolphins inhabiting the Halifax River, enjoy quiet fishing or hiking, and other local amenities.

New Smyrna Beach

Unlike its neighbor, Florida’s famous Daytona, New Smyrna Beach is less known for its parties and is quieter and less crowded.

Nevertheless, this beach town boasts many attractions. You can taste wine or enjoy delicious food in a lovely downtown area just several minutes of walking from the beach. Nature lovers will adore native fauna, including birds and tortoises, when strolling along the boardwalks.

Surfers like this quiet coastal town for fancy shops, budget-friendly restaurants, and easy access to a scenic beach.

Vero Beach

This gorgeous city is located between the Indian River and the Atlantic. Its public beaches stretch the length of 25+ miles along the seashore. Round Island Park is well-known in the neighboring towns and further away. Here, in Indian River County, you can meet the manatees.

Middle-aged and retired people particularly love buying property in this area.

Several primary industries form the economic climate of Vero Beach:

  • aircraft manufacturing
  • tourism
  • citrus industry.

They all provide extensive job opportunities to the locals.

In December 2022, the average home value in Vero Beach reached around $360,000. It’s recognized as one of the lowest prices among the Sunshine State cities.

Grocery and transportation costs are almost the same as the national median prices. Housing is 19% cheaper, and the utility costs are nearly 30% higher than the country’s average.

Vero Beach is known as one of the most peaceful towns in Florida because the crime rate here is just 2.8 per 1,000 residents.

Developers prefer this city for their fast-growing business, so hurry up to choose the right place for yourself.


Titusville is a space center surrounded by natural landscapes. It is a central part of Florida’s Space Coast. Kennedy Space Center is located just a mile’s distance from here.

Titusville is well-known for breathtaking rocket launching, sometimes at admirable sunsets. Visit American Space Museum to learn more about the local spaceship industry.

Several educational organizations release graduates for future job vacancies in numerous aerospace programs.

Titusville boasts its untouched natural landscapes stretching 25 miles along the coastline with several wildlife sanctuaries.

Siesta Key

This budget-friendly city is half an hour’s drive south of St Petersburg and a few minutes walk from South Sarasota.

Siesta Beach is famous for its unique white quartz sand, giving the inimitable pleasure of walking and sunbathing.

The island lifestyle is what this beach town is best suited for. It offers a budget-friendly cost of quality living. Numerous restaurants serving various delicacy options keep the gastronomic culture affluent.

Local IT companies provide plenty of job opportunities for public school graduates. The city is growing fast and always needs well-educated and ambitious specialists.

Siesta Key is the capital for different shellfish species. Snorkeling enthusiasts will enjoy its shallow waters inhabited by local marine life.

Fort Pierce

This place is called the “Sunrise City” thanks to its location on the east coast of Florida. It offers spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean. This beach town has a diverse cultural heritage and modern amenities.

This place is full of parks for resting and enjoying the natural beauty. There are several wildlife and environment centers offering higher marine education.

Retirees adore Fort Pierce for its excellent fishing opportunities, the local Farmer’s markets and peaceful beaches to stroll along.

Families admire natural landscapes, the quiet coastal town atmosphere, and the open spaces nearby. There are many preserves, parks, museums, and galleries to explore local wildlife and culture.


These coastal towns offer affordable living, extensive education, employment opportunities, and picturesque views. Coupled with reasonable housing prices, they provide the best choice for those seeking peaceful life by the seashore. Welcome to our website to explore property buying options at no additional cost.


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