Discover the Raiders’ Dynamic Quarterback Lineup for Fantasy Football in 2023!

Who is the Raiders starting and backup quarterbacks for fantasy football in 2023?

Who is the Raiders starting and backup quarterbacks for fantasy football in 2023?

As fantasy football managers, we are always on the lookout for the best players to draft and start on our teams. The quarterback position is one of the most crucial positions in fantasy football, and knowing the starting and backup quarterbacks for each team is essential for making informed decisions. In this article, we will explore who will be leading the Las Vegas Raiders offense in the 2023 fantasy football season. Let’s dive in!

The Raiders Starting Quarterback: Jarrett Stidham

The starting quarterback for the Las Vegas Raiders in the 2023 fantasy football season is Jarrett Stidham. Stidham, who was acquired in an offseason trade from the New England Patriots, will be taking the reins of the Raiders’ offense. He is a promising young talent with a strong arm and the ability to make accurate throws. Fantasy managers may want to keep an eye on Stidham’s performance and consider him as a potential starter in their lineups.

Key Strengths of Jarrett Stidham

Stidham has several key strengths that make him an interesting option for fantasy football managers:

  • Strong arm and accuracy
  • Good decision-making skills
  • Mobility to extend plays
  • Chemistry with the Raiders’ wide receivers

How Stidham’s Performance Impacts Fantasy Football

Stidham’s performance as the starting quarterback for the Raiders can have a significant impact on fantasy football teams. If he performs well and builds a strong connection with his receivers, fantasy managers who draft or pick him up from waivers could benefit from solid production. However, it’s essential to monitor his progress and adjust expectations accordingly.

The Raiders Backup Quarterback: Chase Garbers

The backup quarterback for the Las Vegas Raiders in the 2023 fantasy football season is Chase Garbers. Garbers is an undrafted rookie free agent who has shown promise in training camp and preseason games. While he may not start initially, he provides valuable depth for the Raiders and could potentially see playing time if Stidham encounters any injuries or struggles. Fantasy managers in deep leagues or those looking for a speculative pickup could consider Garbers as a backup option.

Skills and Potential of Chase Garbers

Garbers possesses several skills and has the potential to develop into a reliable quarterback:

  • Solid arm strength and accuracy
  • High football IQ and decision-making ability
  • Good mobility in the pocket
  • Potential for long-term growth

Backup Quarterbacks in Fantasy Football

Backup quarterbacks might not be the primary focus of fantasy football drafts, but having a reliable backup can provide insurance against injuries or underperformance from your starting quarterback. As the season progresses, keeping an eye on the backup quarterback situation and monitoring any potential changes is a wise strategy for fantasy managers.


In the 2023 fantasy football season, Jarrett Stidham will be starting for the Las Vegas Raiders, while Chase Garbers serves as the backup. Stidham brings a promising skill set to the table, and Garbers provides valuable depth to the team. As fantasy managers, it’s crucial to follow their performances and adjust your strategies accordingly. Stay informed, stay engaged, and make the best decisions for your fantasy football team!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can Jarrett Stidham be a fantasy football sleeper pick?

Answer: Yes, Stidham has the potential to be a sleeper pick in fantasy football due to his strong skill set and the opportunity to lead the Raiders’ offense. Keep an eye on his performance and consider adding him to your roster in the later rounds of your draft.

2. Should fantasy managers consider Chase Garbers for their teams?

Answer: Garbers can be considered in deeper leagues or as a speculative pickup. While he is the backup quarterback, injuries or performance issues could lead to him seeing playing time. Monitor the situation and evaluate his potential value for your roster.

3. How does Jarrett Stidham compare to the previous Raiders starting quarterback?

Answer: Stidham brings a different skill set and playing style compared to the previous Raiders starting quarterback. Evaluating their individual strengths and weaknesses can help determine the impact on the team’s offensive performance and subsequently, their fantasy football value.

4. Are there any other quarterbacks to watch on the Raiders roster?

Answer: While Stidham and Garbers are the primary quarterbacks to watch, keeping an eye on the entire Raiders quarterback roster for any potential changes or developments is wise. Depth chart adjustments or new additions can impact fantasy football decisions throughout the season.

5. How can fantasy managers stay updated on the Raiders’ quarterback situation?

Answer: Following reputable fantasy football news sources, staying updated on team reports, and monitoring preseason games and training camp performances can provide valuable insights into the Raiders’ quarterback situation. Regularly checking for updates allows fantasy managers to make informed decisions.


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