Discover the Untold Story of Sam Lipman-Stern: Where is the Telemarketers Director Now?

Sam Lipman-Stern: Where is Telemarketers Director Now?

Sam Lipman-Stern: Where is Telemarketers Director Now?

Telemarketers is a gripping documentary that exposes a billion-dollar scam orchestrated by telemarketing companies. Directed by Adam Bhala Lough and Sam Lipman-Stern, this three-part series follows the incredible journey of two telemarketers who go undercover to unveil the truth. One of the minds behind this groundbreaking documentary is Sam Lipman-Stern. But where is he now? Let’s delve into the life of Sam Lipman-Stern and explore his current whereabouts.

A Rising Director in the Telemarketing Exposé

Sam Lipman-Stern, then a 14-year-old high-school dropout in the early 2000s, found himself immersed in the telemarketing world when he secured a job at a freewheeling telemarketing company. The documentary Telemarketers captures his experiences as he uncovers the fraudulent practices taking place within the industry.

Finding Gold Amidst Chaos

Telemarketers co-director Adam Bhala Lough described the raw footage provided by Lipman-Stern as “a mess” initially. However, amidst the chaos, they found moments of brilliance. Lipman-Stern had documented the unconventional workplace dynamics and captured the essence of the telemarketing scams. It was a true goldmine of material that formed the foundation of this gripping documentary.

Aiming to Expose the Truth

Telemarketers, with Lipman-Stern’s intriguing footage and Bhala Lough’s directorial expertise, aims to expose the telemarketing companies’ greed. Lipman-Stern and his partner, Pat Pespas, embark on a 20-year journey filled with adventures and confrontations as they try to bring the hidden truth to light.

Sam Lipman-Stern: Present Endeavors

After the release of Telemarketers, Sam Lipman-Stern has actively pursued various avenues in the world of filmmaking. His passion for storytelling and shedding light on societal issues continues to drive him forward.

A Versatile Filmmaker

Lipman-Stern’s talent extends beyond the realm of documentaries. He has delved into different genres and forms of storytelling, exploring narratives through short films and even experimenting with fictional works.

Collaborations with Prominent Industry Figures

Throughout his career, Lipman-Stern has had the opportunity to collaborate with renowned filmmakers, producers, and artists. His intersections with visionary minds have fueled his creativity and allowed him to expand his horizons as a filmmaker.


Sam Lipman-Stern, one of the directors behind the groundbreaking documentary Telemarketers, continues to leave a lasting impact in the world of filmmaking. His ability to capture raw moments and uncover the truth in unconventional places sets him apart. As he navigates through different projects and collaborations, Lipman-Stern’s dedication to storytelling and highlighting societal issues propels him forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How did Sam Lipman-Stern get involved in the world of telemarketing?

Sam Lipman-Stern stumbled into the telemarketing world as a 14-year-old high-school dropout, securing a job at a freewheeling telemarketing company.

2. What role did Sam Lipman-Stern play in the documentary Telemarketers?

Sam Lipman-Stern played a pivotal role in Telemarketers as a co-director, providing the raw footage that captured the fraudulent practices and the essence of the telemarketing industry.

3. What other projects has Sam Lipman-Stern worked on?

Sam Lipman-Stern has ventured outside of documentaries and explored various forms of storytelling through short films and fictional works.

4. Has Sam Lipman-Stern collaborated with any notable filmmakers?

Yes, Sam Lipman-Stern has collaborated with renowned filmmakers, producers, and artists throughout his career, expanding his creative network and honing his craft.

5. What are Sam Lipman-Stern’s future plans in the film industry?

While specific details may not be available, Sam Lipman-Stern’s commitment to storytelling and highlighting societal issues suggests that he will continue to create thought-provoking and impactful films.


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