Shocking Revelation: Frank Cordes, Husband of Leta Cordes, Vanishes – Discover His Whereabouts Now!

Frank Cordes: Where is Leta Cordes’s Husband Now?

Frank Cordes: Where is Leta Cordes’s Husband Now?

The mysterious disappearance of Leta Cordes captivated the nation’s attention. As the search for answers continues, many are left wondering about the whereabouts of her husband, Frank Cordes. In this article, we delve into the story of Frank Cordes, his relationship with Leta, the events surrounding her disappearance, and where he stands today.

The Relationship Between Frank and Leta Cordes

Frank Cordes and Leta Cordes had a complex and tumultuous relationship. They met in Los Angeles, California, where Leta pursued a career in music and Frank worked as a computer programmer. Despite their different personalities and challenges within their marriage, they built a successful animation startup together.

Difficulties and Struggles

Their marriage faced numerous hurdles, including Leta’s struggles with substance abuse and an extramarital affair. Friends suggested that Frank’s behavior occasionally contributed to the strain in their relationship. However, they decided to create a fresh start by building a vacation home in St. Maarten.

A New Beginning

Frank and Leta saw their new vacation home as an opportunity to rejuvenate their marriage. They celebrated Christmas there in 2007, hoping to leave behind their past troubles. However, tragedy struck on January 11, 2008, when Leta mysteriously disappeared from their vacation home.

The Events Leading to Leta’s Disappearance

Frank’s account of the events leading up to Leta’s disappearance became a focal point of the investigation. He claimed to have been away from their home, picking up his mother from the airport, during the argument that allegedly took place between them. When he returned with his mother, he claimed that Leta had resumed normal behavior and interacted well with her mother-in-law.

The Investigation

Authorities arrested Frank Cordes based on their theory that a fight between Frank and Leta had resulted in her accidental death. They believed that Frank disposed of her body to cover up the evidence. However, Frank vehemently denied any involvement in harming Leta. He argued that the lack of concrete proof and potential flaws in the investigation’s evidence raised questions about his guilt.

The Current Whereabouts of Frank Cordes

As of now, Frank Cordes has been released from custody after being detained for over three months in connection with Leta’s disappearance. With no concrete evidence linking Frank to the crime, his current whereabouts remain undisclosed to the public.

Moving Forward

Since his release, Frank Cordes has been focused on reclaiming his life and rebuilding his reputation. He asserts his innocence in Leta’s disappearance and continues to contend that he is not responsible for her fate.

The Search for Answers

The investigation into Leta Cordes’s disappearance remains ongoing, and authorities are actively searching for new leads and evidence. The truth about what happened to Leta continues to elude both law enforcement and the public.


The story of Frank Cordes and Leta Cordes is one that is filled with complexities, challenges, and unanswered questions. Though Frank has been released from custody, the search for answers regarding Leta’s disappearance remains a priority. It is a case that has captivated many and reminds us of the intricacies of human relationships and the profound impact that such tragedies can have on our lives.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Was Frank Cordes ever charged with the murder of Leta Cordes?

No, Frank Cordes was detained for over three months in connection with Leta’s disappearance but was not officially charged with her murder. The investigation is ongoing, and no concrete evidence has been presented linking him to the crime.

2. Are there any other suspects in Leta Cordes’s disappearance?

The investigation into Leta Cordes’s disappearance is open, and authorities are exploring all possible leads and suspects. However, as of now, no other individuals have been publicly identified as suspects.

3. What steps are being taken to find Leta Cordes?

Law enforcement agencies are actively involved in the search for Leta Cordes. They continue to follow leads, analyze evidence, and work diligently to uncover the truth about her disappearance.

4. How is Frank Cordes coping with the situation?

Following his release from custody, Frank Cordes has been focused on rebuilding his life. Though undoubtedly affected by the circumstances, he maintains his innocence and continues to assert that he had no involvement in Leta’s disappearance.

5. Will there ever be closure in Leta Cordes’s case?

While it is impossible to predict the future, the search for closure in Leta Cordes’s case remains a priority for law enforcement and those who care about the truth. With ongoing investigations and advancements in technology, there is always hope that answers will eventually be found.


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