Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Director Thanks Vin Diesel in Epic Family-Focused Sequel

Director James Wan expresses gratitude to Vin Diesel for influencing the family-focused approach in the highly anticipated sequel, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. In a recent interview, Wan shared insights into the upcoming film and how the Fast & Furious franchise inspired the exploration of family dynamics within the Aquaman sequel.

The Importance of Family

Wan, known for his directorial work on Fast & Furious 7, highlighted the significance of family in storytelling. He revealed that the family aspect was a crucial element he wanted to incorporate in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. “I learned about family from Fast & Furious,” he jokingly remarked. Acknowledging the impact of Vin Diesel’s portrayal of family dynamics in the popular franchise, Wan expressed his gratitude towards Diesel for inspiring the approach in his own film.

An Evolution of Aquaman

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom marks a significant evolution for Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry. In the first Aquaman film, Arthur was portrayed as a wanderer, searching for his true identity. However, in this sequel, Arthur has embraced his role as the King of Atlantis and has become a father. Wan emphasized the challenges Arthur faces when balancing his responsibilities as a ruler, while also caring for his family.

Building Family Relationships

One of the central themes in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom revolves around the bonds of family. Wan explained that Arthur needs to reach out to his brother, Orm (played by Patrick Wilson), who was his antagonist in the first film. The director expressed his desire to explore the relationship between the two characters and create a sense of camaraderie, describing the film as a “bromance” between Arthur and Orm.

The Power of Camaraderie

The chemistry between Momoa and Wilson is evident within the film, as their characters bicker and banter throughout their journey. Their contrasting personalities and perspectives create both tension and lightheartedness. Wan compares their dynamic to the iconic duo of Tango and Cash, showcasing their camaraderie while dealing with the challenges they face together.

An Unlikely Hero

Arthur’s growth as a character is exemplified by his respect and understanding for his brother’s intentions. While Orm may have been the antagonist in the first film, Arthur recognizes that he was simply trying to protect his people. This realization allows them to form a deeper bond and work together as a team to solve immediate threats to their world.

A Balance of Duties

As the King of Atlantis, Arthur must learn to balance his duties as a ruler, tackling political dilemmas and caring for his people, along with his responsibilities as a parent. Wan highlights the challenges Arthur faces, symbolizing the difficulty of managing a kingdom while simultaneously changing diapers and putting his child to sleep. This juxtaposition adds depth to Arthur’s character and provides a relatable aspect to the superhero’s journey.

The Legacy Continues

The first Aquaman film garnered widespread acclaim and solidified its place in the DC movie universe. With Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Wan aims to expand upon the rich world he established in the first installment. The sequel promises to deliver an exciting new realm where Arthur’s growth as a character and his connections to his family members unfold.

Fan Expectations and Anticipation

As the release date of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom approaches, fans eagerly anticipate the continuation of Arthur’s story. The intriguing storyline, combined with Wan’s talent for creating thrilling spectacles, boosts excitement for what lies ahead. The success of the first film, both critically and commercially, only amplifies expectations for the upcoming sequel.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Release Date

The much-anticipated Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is set to hit theaters on December 20, 2023. Fans will finally witness the progression of Arthur Curry’s journey, where he faces new challenges, strengthens familial bonds, and navigates his role as the powerful King of Atlantis.


1. Will Amber Heard reprise her role as Mera in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom?

Yes, Amber Heard will return as Mera in the sequel. Director James Wan confirmed that all major characters from the first film will make a comeback, including Nicole Kidman, Temuera Morrison, Dolph Lundgren, and Randall Park.

2. Is Black Manta a significant antagonist in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom?

Black Manta, portrayed by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, plays a prominent role in the sequel. Director James Wan stated that the second film delves deeper into Black Manta’s character, giving him a much bigger role and expanding on his rivalry with Aquaman.

3. Does Aquaman acquire supernatural powers in the Lost Kingdom?

In the upcoming film, Aquaman remains a superhuman being without acquiring supernatural powers. While Black Manta gains power through his discovery of the Lost Kingdom, the conflict between the two characters intensifies as they engage in a one-on-one battle.

4. Can we expect more visually stunning underwater sequences in the sequel?

Absolutely! Director James Wan is known for his visually striking cinematography and his ability to bring the underwater world to life. Fans can look forward to breathtaking underwater sequences that showcase the vastness and beauty of Atlantis.

5. Will Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom explore new worlds?

Yes, the sequel will introduce new worlds within the Aquaman universe. Director James Wan has teased the exploration of uncharted territories and the expansion of the overall lore, promising audiences a captivating and immersive experience.


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