Helen Hancock and Martin Griffiths Murders: Shocking Update on Rhys Hancock’s Whereabouts Revealed!

Recent years have seen numerous cases of tragic and senseless acts of violence that have shocked communities and left families devastated. One such case is the chilling murders of Helen Hancock and Martin Griffiths, perpetrated by Helen’s estranged husband Rhys Hancock on New Year’s Day. The heinous crimes sent shockwaves through the community of Duffield, Derbyshire, and left many wondering about the fate and current whereabouts of the perpetrator. In this article, we delve into the details of the Helen Hancock and Martin Griffiths murders and discuss where Rhys Hancock is now.

The Horrific Murders

On New Year’s Day, Rhys Hancock, a former headteacher, carried out a brutal attack on his estranged wife, Helen Hancock, and her partner, Martin Griffiths, at their former marital home in Duffield, Derbyshire. The details of the crime paint a grim and disturbing picture.

The Call for Help

After committing the gruesome act, Rhys Hancock called the police, calmly stating, “I’ve just murdered my wife in her bed.” This chilling statement immediately alerted law enforcement to the severity of the situation.

A Grisly Scene

When the authorities arrived at the scene, they discovered Rhys Hancock, covered in blood, inside the property. The injuries inflicted on Helen Hancock and Martin Griffiths were horrific, with Helen suffering 66 injuries and Martin enduring 37.

“A Bloodbath”

Ambulance staff who arrived at the scene described it as a “bloodbath,” one of the most violent and disturbing scenes they had encountered in their careers.

Rhys Hancock’s Motives and Actions

To gain a deeper understanding of this tragic event, it is important to explore the motives and actions of Rhys Hancock leading up to the murders.

Premeditation and Sadistic Intent

The court proceedings revealed that these murders were premeditated and carried out with sadistic intent. The attack was merciless, suggesting a total lack of empathy from the perpetrator.

An Ominous Plan

Prior to traveling to the murder scene, Rhys Hancock informed his mother of his intentions, predicting that he would receive a lengthy prison sentence. This chilling conversation highlights the premeditated nature of the crime.

Taking Lives, Destroying Families

Judge Nimal Shant QC emphasized the profound impact of Rhys Hancock’s actions, stating that they left both Helen Hancock’s and Martin Griffiths’ families bereft of their loved ones. The loss and void caused by the murders cannot be filled by any sentence imposed on the perpetrator.

The Sentencing and Imprisonment

After admitting the two counts of murder, Rhys Hancock faced the consequences of his heinous crimes.

A Minimum of 31 Years

The judge sentenced Rhys Hancock to a minimum of 31 years in prison. This substantial sentence reflects the gravity of the murders and the lasting impact they had on the victims’ families and the community.

The Agony of Loss

Helen Hancock’s three children are now left without a mother, and Martin Griffiths’ family mourns the loss of a beloved son and father. Their lives will forever be marked by the tragedy caused by Rhys Hancock.

Rhys Hancock’s Current Whereabouts

Since being sentenced to a lengthy prison term, Rhys Hancock’s current whereabouts are known only to the authorities. As with any convicted criminal, his movements are closely monitored.

Serving Time and Reflecting

Rhys Hancock is now serving his sentence, which aims to ensure he faces the consequences of his actions while also allowing time for reflection and potential rehabilitation.

The Impact on the Community

The ripple effects of this shocking crime continue to be felt in the community of Duffield, Derbyshire, as neighbors and friends grapple with the questions of how such a tragedy could occur and how they can support the victims’ families.


The murders of Helen Hancock and Martin Griffiths by Rhys Hancock are a harrowing reminder of the devastation that acts of violence can inflict on individuals, families, and communities. The heinous nature of these crimes and their lasting impact on the victims’ loved ones cannot be overstated. As Rhys Hancock serves his sentence, the community must come together to heal and support one another.


1. Will Rhys Hancock ever be released from prison?

Release from prison is contingent upon many factors, such as good behavior and potential parole hearings. The ultimate decision lies with the legal system, with public safety being of paramount importance.

2. How can communities come together to prevent such tragedies?

Preventing such tragedies requires awareness, intervention, and support for individuals facing domestic issues and mental health challenges. Community organizations, law enforcement, and mental health professionals play crucial roles in fostering a safe environment.

3. What can we do to support the families affected by the Helen Hancock and Martin Griffiths murders?

Supporting the families involves offering compassion, empathy, and practical assistance. Donations, fundraising efforts, and participating in community initiatives can also make a meaningful impact.

4. Are there any signs of domestic violence that people should be aware of?

Yes, there are various signs of domestic violence, including physical injuries, emotional distress, isolation from friends and family, and controlling behavior. It is vital to raise awareness of these signs and provide resources for those in need of help.

5. What steps can individuals take if they suspect someone is in an abusive relationship?

If you suspect someone is in an abusive relationship, it is important to approach the situation with sensitivity. Encouraging open communication, offering support, and providing information about local helplines and resources can be helpful. However, always prioritize the safety and well-being of the individual at risk.


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