Jorge Vilda sacked as Spain coach after scandalous Rubiales kiss – Shocking fallout revealed!

After the controversial kiss between Spanish soccer federation president Luis Rubiales and Women’s World Cup Winner Jenni Hermoso, the fallout continues to unfold. The latest development sees Jorge Vilda, the head coach of Spain’s women’s national team, being sacked amidst the ongoing controversy. Let’s delve into the details of this significant development.

1. The Unwanted Kiss and its Aftermath

Recap the incident where Luis Rubiales kissed Jenni Hermoso without her consent and the subsequent backlash from her and the Spanish government.

2. FIFA’s Suspension of Rubiales

Discuss FIFA’s decision to suspend Rubiales from football-related activities for 90 days while disciplinary proceedings take place. Highlight the impact of this suspension on Rubiales and the scandal as a whole.

3. Jorge Vilda’s Support for Rubiales

Explain Jorge Vilda’s stance of standing by Rubiales despite the controversy. Delve into the statements and actions showcasing his support for the president.

4. Spain’s Women’s Team Boycott

Detail the refusal of the entire World Cup-winning squad, including Hermoso, to play as long as Rubiales remains president. Highlight the impact of this boycott on the team and their future participation.

5. Legal Threats and FIFA’s Intervention

Discuss the Royal Spanish Football Federation’s threats of legal action against Hermoso and others, and FIFA’s ban on Rubiales and the federation contacting Hermoso. Emphasize the preservation of Hermoso’s “fundamental rights” by FIFA.

6. Statement from the RFEF

Present the statement from the Royal Spanish Football Federation, where they express support for Rubiales and his innocence. Highlight their intention to defend him against the allegations.

7. Debunking Claims of Lying

Refute the Spanish federation’s accusations of Hermoso lying about the kiss. Address the evidence and public statements contradicting their claims.

8. Hermoso’s Response to Rubiales’ Speech

Showcase Hermoso’s rebuttal to Rubiales’ speech, where she denies the occurrence of a conversation as described by him and reiterates her feelings of vulnerability and disrespect.

9. Escalating Fallout and Gender Rights

Explain how the fallout from Rubiales’ behavior has ignited discussions about gender rights and sexism in Spanish soccer. Reference the broader context of gender-related protests in the country.

10. Mass Exodus in Spain’s Women’s Coaching Ranks

Discuss the mass resignation of Spain’s women’s coaching staff in solidarity with Hermoso and their demand for Rubiales’ removal. Highlight the significance of this exodus in the context of the ongoing controversy.

11. The Controversy Surrounding “Cop City”

Shift the focus to the controversy surrounding the planned Atlanta Public Safety Training Center in Georgia, known as “Cop City.” Explain its connection to the protests and activism mentioned earlier.

12. Legal Repercussions and Domestic Terrorism Charges

Detail the domestic terrorism charges leveled against activists opposing “Cop City” and the subsequent legal battles. Discuss the concerns regarding political repression and the broader implications of such charges.

13. Georgia’s Domestic Terrorism Law as a National Test Case

Highlight how Georgia’s domestic terrorism law could set a precedent for other states with similar statutes. Discuss the involvement of the ACLU and their stance against the overbroad application of such laws.

14. National Significance and Relevance

Emphasize the national resonance of the controversies surrounding Rubiales’ kiss and the “Cop City” project. Comment on the intersection of various issues like environmental defense, racial equality, capitalism, and police militarization.

15. Jorge Vilda’s Sacking and its Implications

Reveal the news of Jorge Vilda’s sacking as the coach of Spain’s women’s national team amid the ongoing fallout over the Rubiales kiss scandal. Discuss the potential consequences for the team and their future direction.


The fallout from Luis Rubiales’ unwanted kiss and the subsequent controversies in Spanish soccer continue to unfold. With Jorge Vilda being sacked as Spain’s women’s national team coach, the consequences are becoming clearer. This ongoing saga highlights the significance of consent, gender rights, and the need for strong leadership within sports organizations.


1. Will the Spanish women’s national team participate in future tournaments under new leadership?

As of now, it is uncertain how the Spanish women’s national team will proceed. The appointment of a new coach and potential resolution of the Rubiales controversy will play a significant role in their future participation.

2. What actions can FIFA take to address such controversies?

FIFA can further investigate the allegations, enforce stricter guidelines regarding conduct, and ensure the protection of players’ rights. They can also collaborate with national federations to implement preventive measures and promote a more inclusive and respectful environment.

3. How does the “Cop City” controversy relate to the Rubiales kiss scandal?

Although seemingly unrelated, both controversies shed light on broader societal issues. The Rubiales kiss scandal exposes gender-related challenges within sports, while the “Cop City” controversy highlights debates surrounding law enforcement practices, racial equality, and civic engagement.

4. Will Georgia’s domestic terrorism law be challenged constitutionally?

There are ongoing efforts to challenge Georgia’s domestic terrorism law constitutionally. The ACLU and other advocacy groups are closely monitoring the situation and seeking legal redress to address concerns regarding the law’s potential misuse.

5. How can these controversies impact the overall perception of soccer and sports as a whole?

The controversies surrounding the Rubiales kiss and the “Cop City” project can negatively impact the perception of soccer and sports in general. They highlight the need for transparency, accountability, and cultural change within sports organizations to maintain trust and ensure a safe and inclusive environment for all participants.



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