Tale Of The Nine Tailed 1938 Ending Explained: Shocking Twists and Conclusions Revealed in Episode 5!

Welcome to the recap and ending explanation of Episode 5 of Tale Of The Nine Tailed in 1938. In this episode, we witness thrilling developments, surprising revelations, and an unforgettable conclusion. Join us as we delve into the intricacies and unravel the mysteries of this captivating episode.

1. Yeon and Rang’s Entertaining Encounter with Baby Mi-ho

Yeon and Rang showcase their impressive powers by effortlessly stopping the Japanese soldiers and amusing baby Mi-ho.

2. Yeon’s Brainwashing Abilities

Yeon utilizes his powers to brainwash the Japanese soldiers, making them forget the encounter at the house.

3. Hong-joo Discovers Multiple Versions of Yeon

Hong-joo realizes that there are multiple versions of Yeon in this timeline, leading to a confrontation with the “real” Yeon.

3.1 Hong-joo’s Disguised Encounter

Hong-joo disguises herself as someone from Yeon’s past and engages in a conversation with him, unveiling her true intentions.

3.1.1 Hong-joo’s Emotional Moment

Hong-joo reminiscences about the past and confronts Yeon about their shared history.

4. Suspicions Surrounding Baby Mi-ho

Yeon starts suspecting that baby Mi-ho may be a Fortune God, given her repeated appearances and the good fortune bestowed upon them.

5. Eun-ho’s Curiosity about Shin-joo

Eun-ho discovers that Shin-joo has been minimally affected by gunshots and becomes intrigued by his past experiences.

5.1 Eun-ho’s Investigation

Eun-ho approaches Yeon and Rang, convinced that they are skilled thieves, seeking answers and potentially joining their cause.

6. Hong-joo’s Meeting with the Governor-General

Hong-joo is summoned to a meeting with the Governor-General, who reveals his possession of Orchid and makes a dangerous demand.

6.1 Hong-joo’s Risky Decision

Hong-joo decides to retrieve the baby from Yeon and hand her over to the Japanese, with her own plans in play.

6.1.1 Hong-joo’s Manipulation

Hong-joo uses her persuasive skills to convince the Gold-searching demon to cooperate with the Japanese.

7. Yeon and Rang’s Rescue Mission

Yeon and Rang infiltrate the police station disguised as officers in a daring attempt to save Orchid.

7.1 Orchid’s Safe Return

Orchid is successfully rescued, and the group manages to escape despite encountering various obstacles.

8. Unexpected Revelation about Hong-joo

It is revealed that Hong-joo has been secretly working with Yeon and Rang, using her alliance with the Japanese as a cover.

8.1 The Betrayal Unveiled

Hong-joo’s true allegiance is exposed, leaving those around her surprised by her actions.

9. Confrontation with Kato

Yeon confronts Kato, sensing his dark intentions and warning him about his harmful behavior.

9.1 Intense Battle Between Yeon and Kato

A brief but intense skirmish ensues between Yeon and Kato, resulting in a temporary victory for Yeon.

10. The Revelation of Mi-ho’s Identity

It is revealed that Mi-ho is a Fortune God, capable of controlling desires, and destined to remain in her pure baby form without aging.

10.1 Farewells to Mi-ho

Mi-ho bids farewell to Yeon, Rang, and others, expressing her preference for Rang over Shin-joo and offering a prophecy for Yeon.

11. The King of Five Paths Visits Moo-yeong

The King of Five Paths seeks out Moo-yeong for unknown reasons, adding an intriguing element to the ongoing story.


This episode of Tale Of The Nine Tailed in 1938 delivered thrilling moments, emotional encounters, and game-changing revelations. The complex web of alliances, betrayals, and supernatural powers continues to captivate viewers. Stay tuned for the next episodes as the story unfolds further.


1. What is the significance of baby Mi-ho being a Fortune God?

Baby Mi-ho’s identity as a Fortune God suggests her ability to control desires and bring good fortune to those she encounters. However, her destiny prevents her from aging and growing old.

2. Will Hong-joo’s betrayal have consequences for Yeon and Rang?

Hong-joo’s betrayal may have significant consequences for Yeon and Rang, as their alliance with her was based on trust. The repercussions of this betrayal may affect their future actions and relationships.

3. How will Yeon navigate the challenges hinted in Mi-ho’s prophecy?

Mi-ho’s prophecy warns Yeon about the potential of losing his way in the future. It will be intriguing to see how Yeon faces these challenges and whether he can prevent his path from veering off course.

4. Is there a deeper connection between Shin-joo and the dog rescued by Rang?

The connection between Shin-joo and the dog rescued by Rang may hold deeper significance and potentially tie into their respective pasts. Further exploration of their relationship could unlock hidden secrets and character development.

5. What role does the King of Five Paths play in the unfolding storyline?

The King of Five Paths’ visit to Moo-yeong raises questions about his involvement in the ongoing narrative. His intentions and the impact he may have on the characters’ fates remain shrouded in mystery.



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