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Vertu’s First Low Price Aster Chevron Starting $4200

Vertu has entered the market with their three new premium smartphones and their starting cost is a whopping $4200. Premium quality materials are used in making of these smartphones. They already have a partnership with automotive giant Bentley to design a handmade woodcrafted smartphone. These smartphones are hand-made with premium materials such as geniuine leather.

Now Vertu has introduced their new smartphones which are less expensive than the Vertu Signature Touch Bentley which costs $13,800. $4200 is still very expensive but for Vertu, it is the starting price of their smartphones. Vertu has named their new smartphones “Aster Chevron”, they come in three colors that are blue, black and pink. The most interesting feature about the Aston Chevron smartphones is their design. High quality Italian fabric is used to manufacture them.

Sadly, Vertu hasn’t worked much on the specs of their Astron Chevron smartphones. It seems they will have the same specs that they had already used in Aster smartphone released two years ago. Well, the new Astro Chevron will have 2GB RAM which nowadays comes in mid-range smartphones. It is powered by a 2.3GHz quad-core processor with two year old Snapdragon 801 chipset and 64GB of internal memory with no microSD slot for expansion. It runs on 5.1 Andriod Lollipop OS which is not the latest. And last but not the least, the Vertu Aster Chevron has a 4.7-inch 1080p display and a 13MP rear camera with LED flash and a not-so-good 2.1MP front camera. It also has a 2275mAh battery.

Vertu Astron Chevron is considered to be Vertu’s low price smartphone with high tech body but has old specs. And the price is rediculously high. In less than $4200, you can get the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or the rare Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Batman Edition for just $2200. The Galaxy S7 Batman Edition is best for both specs and high-tech body. If you have enough money to pay for the Aster Chevron, then you can buy it online from Vertu website.

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