Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Get It Now for Free (Giveaway Guide)

It sounds just out of this world, a game got free. But mind it, it is only for a less time. Assassins’ Creed Chronicles is running wildly for those who want to have it in their system at no cost. When Assasins Creed was first launched in 2015, originally developed by the Climax Studio, UK, it was bound to be a success. But, this time this trilogy is not for the exact. It would still be the Assasin’s Creed Chronicles. 

The best part is that in Assasin’s Creed Chronicles there is a trilogy featuring three different protagonists. And obviously, the story would be set in three different locations as the game would be. Those three Assasins Creed would be the Assasins Creed Chronicles: India which would have Arbaaz Mir, as the protagonist. Now the character is taken from the graphic novel – Brahman of the Assasins Creed Version. Likewise in the Assasins Creed Chronicles: Russia, we get to see Nikolai Orelov as the protagonist, from the Russin comic book- The Fall and The Chain. Moreover, in the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China, we have Shao Jun, from Assasin’s Creed Embers is a sequel to the character in the spin-off animation. 

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Why Is Assassins Creed Trilogy Free?

As there was a tweet from the Assasin’s Creed account is that the game producer- Ubisoft is celebrating its 35th anniversary. So upon this occasion, Ubisoft is running a free giveaway for the Assasins Creed Chronicles span across the adventures set across India, Russia, and China. 

Assassin's Creed Chronicles PC Is Available for Free

Keep in mind that the game/s is/are not free forever, so if that is what is on your mind- here is the reality. Now, obviously is free but only for a very limited time. It starts on 9th November and ends on 12th November. 

How to Avail Free Copy of Assasin’s Creed Trilogy PC?

Well, to avail yourself of your free copy, either you might want to head on to the Twitter handle on Assasins Creed, and find the post which features the link. Or, if you like it, there is a link mentioned just below this paragraph for your ease. 

Link to Download –

It’s easy to miss this opportunity, and as we are on it, your friends might even contact you and get the surprise of the news. Assassins Creed Chronicles PC is Available for Free, no I wouldn’t believe it if it wasn’t themselves sharing the tweet. Now, got any questions? Feel free to connect in the comment section below. 


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