Why So Much Hate For Amber Heard? TRUTH (Explained)

A recent defamation trial between actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has sparked intense backlash against Heard across social media platforms. Memes, videos, and misinformation campaigns have portrayed Heard as the primary aggressor in the former couple’s relationship.

However, a 2020 ruling in a UK court found that Depp had assaulted Heard at least 12 times. Despite being a proven victim, Heard has continued to face severe harassment online. Depp’s allegations that Heard abused him have not been validated in court.

Research shows that in most domestic violence situations, the primary perpetrator often makes the victim seem like the abuser publicly. Overwhelmingly, domestic violence involves men controlling and abusing women.

Some claim “mutual violence,” but this obscures the power imbalance, with men using more severe force to assert control. Studies find women who act in self-defense are often judged harshly, without considering the context and patterns of abuse.

During the trial, Depp claimed Heard is not a “true victim” since she used violence. However, trauma may lead abuse victims to use physical force while trying to assert themselves. Viewing these situations in black-and-white terms, without nuance, harms women and discourages them from reporting abuse.

Police and courts often perceive “real” victims as passive, white, middle-class women. Women who fight back or transgress norms are less likely to be seen as victims. This contradicts many survivors’ experiences.

If the public consumes tabloid coverage of cases like Depp v. Heard, victims will stay silent out of fear of not being believed, especially minorities.

We must not judge domestic violence survivors for not being “perfect victims.” Context matters. Vilifying Amber Heard makes it harder for women to speak out against powerful men. Domestic violence understanding must improve to build trust and help survivors.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, the case is about five years old now, but the hatred for Amber Heard doesn’t seem to go away. Nevertheless, we are not advocates to any one party, but whatever truth (probably) is presented to us, we do sympathize with the accused.

Depp has really faced some down since these last years, and fans, while being unaffected by Depp’s repo in the industry, are sacrificing a lot. How? Where are any more Johnny Depp New Movies? Now, it’s appropriate if you feel missed out. You are confused if you are first hearing it this late. So, read on Why So Much Hatred For Amber Heard?

Why Is Amber Heard Hated?

In 2009, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard met on the set of Rum Diaries. They married in 2015, divorced in 2016, and the divorce was completed in 2017.

When the divorce was completed, Johnny Deep paid a settlement of 7 million dollars. Amber Heard filed for divorce and obtained a restraining order against Johnny Depp in 2016, claiming that he was physically and verbally abusive throughout their relationship while under the influence of alcohol.

Why So Much Hate For Amber Heard?

These charges infuriated Johnny Depp fans. Johnny admitted in court that he has a problem with booze and drugs, but he has never been aggressive to any lady while under the influence. The above statement was corroborated by his first ex-wife.

Amber Continues to Gather Attention

But, when their divorce was finalized in 2017, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp came together and claimed that their relationship was stormy at times, but it was full of love and passionate desire.

Amber Heard, on the other hand, couldn’t keep her mouth quiet. After all of her media attention had died down, she opted to publish a piece for the Washington Post claiming that Johnny Depp was abusive and that she was a victim.Why So Much Hate For Amber Heard?

Fans were outraged after watching her make claims against Depp, despite the fact that they issued a statement just one year ago stating that neither party inflicted any physical or mental harm during the marriage. Johnny’s followers began to wonder whether all of this was a ruse to elicit sympathy and acquire nice assignments.

Fans Issue With Warner Bros: Johnny Depp Expelled

Amber Heard was cast as Mera, the Atlantean Queen, in DC’s Justice League in 2017. Later, in Aquaman, she portrayed the primary character opposite Jason Momoa. Amber Heard’s first substantial part in a studio picture came in this one.

Why So Much Hate For Amber Heard?

After her claims against Johnny Depp surfaced in 2018, fans petitioned Warner Bros. to fire Amber. That petition got almost 450,000 signatures. Nonetheless, Warner Bros. declined the petition and still cast Amber in Aquaman 2.

Why So Much Hate For Amber Heard?

This caused considerable consternation among fans, but they ignored it. However, Warner Bros. has pushed Johnny Depp to quit, generating outrage among fans. Fans are outraged that Amber Heard has failed to exit her contract with Warner Bros., despite the fact that the corporation has already forced Johnny out.

The ‘Wife-Beater’ Allegation by The Sun

Well, it’s sad but true that media, just like us, has much power, and some frankly go to the depths of impudence in using it for personal benefit. This is impudence, but however, we understand that even celebrities are humans, and even they have a life out of the TV. Some ‘media‘ went out of their way just to gather public attention and create a headline which clearly wasn’t a kind move at all.

Depp intends to appeal the decision of the British High Court in his libel action against The Sun for labeling him a “wife-beater.” According to the court, 12 of the 14 assault events cited by Amber Heard have been proven to civil standards.

Overall, the hatred for Amber Hears has risen in burden, if to say.

    • Agree with your opinion, I feel that the lack of attention and the need of fame, got her to do stupid stuff and her ego does not allow her to back down. Something that she hasn’t realize no one will watch movies where she is going to be in moving forward. Why do you think Warner hasn’t publish aquaman 2, they know why. I honestly I don’t know her but I dislike her and even though I like Jason Momoa as an actor I cannot respect the fact that she lied and expose a relationship for personal gain.

  1. I do not trust her. I do not think she is a talented exceptional actress. I have no respect for her. I do not read posts on Instagram nor do I have a twitter account. I am 65 years old and have lived a minute. I can say with certainty that her behavior, lack of empathy, her pension for vindictive behavior have shaped my view. I have also viewed several films she has been in and can say I am not terribly impressed. The success of Aquaman was not due to Amber Heard. It had been said by a number of high-profile persons prior to her marriage to Johnny Depp that she was only interested in fame and money. Considering she has garnered fame though with negative connotations, that perceived goal has been accomplished. By virtue of her not having donated to charity what she pledged having insisted she wanted no money from her divorce settlement, is indicative of her intent to gain financially. She uses the excuse that she has had to pay that money for legal representation in the current defamation case. However, she retained the money for 13 months without fulfilling her promise to said charities prior to the lawsuit. Perhaps she can find another “man” to make donations for her. I have had great difficulty watching the trial and find her to be arrogant, press seeking, abusive, and having a pattern of not being able to maintain relationships with anyone for any meaningful time including what she refers to as her “best friends”. She is also providing to date, the worst acting effort of her life. Deplorable, despicable, disgusting, and down right ugly! I hope that she gets what she deserves and cannot imagine the jury falling for any of this!


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