Yellow Dot On iPhone: Here Is Everything You Need To Know

This was introduced as an increased security feature in iOS 14. Let us firsthand tell you that there is absolutely nothing to worry about because the yellow dot is happening on your iPhone. However, it is a notification-like feature so read more to know everything you should about these dots on your iPhone. 

Yellow Dot on iPhone

Anyways, as an improved feature, it is surprising to know that most of the users are unaware. On another thought, shouldn’t Apple try to be more communicative about their fixes and improvements? Anyways, it is unlikely for them to take this note. So, here we are for you to let you know all you should relate to these colored dots on your iPhone devices. 

Yellow Dot on iPhone

As we have already mentioned, this is just a security feature and not a point for worry. So to start, you must know that some applications are always running in the background. Some of these apps do it with your consent only, when you agree to their request to access certain permissions.

One such permission is the microphone. Now, it is scary to know that while you are in your room alone and cursing aloud in a video game, something somewhere is keeping track of all the sounds and noises around you or by you. Have you ever noticed that the day you talk a lot about something, it starts coming as recommendations or ads, in your shopping apps or youtube? This is just an example.

Background services use these voices for unknown purposes and so to give you the control. Apple brought in this security feature wherein if you see a yellow dot on the top of your screen.

It indicates that some app is running either in the foreground or background and is using your device’s microphone hardware. This dot also appears when you are recording sound or video on your iPhone. 

Yellow Dot on iPhone

Orange Dot on iPhone

Both the orange and yellow dots on your iPhone indicate the usage of microphone hardware in your iPhone device. So, why change the color? The answer is simple, it could appear orange if you are in reading mode. Reading mode gives it a more shade of yellow thus rendering the dotted orange from yellow.

In certain cases, an actual orange dot appears as well. In that case, it means that there are just more than one apps that are contributing to the utilization of the microphone hardware in your device. 

Green Dot on iPhone 

Green dot appearance is for a different purpose of similar intensity. Whenever you see a green dot on the top right of your iPhone. You should immediately be warned that an app or apps are using the camera hardware either in the background or foreground.

You wouldn’t want your phone watching you change clothes in a trial room or even worse while browsing memes in a restroom, would you? 

Yellow Dot on iPhone

How To Control Privacy In iPhone? 

Oh, it is easy and all just in your control. Whenever you want to get rid of these colored dots to ensure the action is ceased. Just go to the ‘Privacy’ section in your phone’s settings. In that, you 

can easily disable permissions for the third-party apps under ‘Microphone’ or ‘Camera’. 

It is very brave of the users to notice this dot and immediately take steps about knowing more about it. It’s a hope that this article on Yellow Dot On iPhone, helped you calm your concerns. Your privacy is not a myth and it’s in your control.

So, we told you about the orange dot and the green dot as well. If you still do feel that anything is missed, please reach out to us in the comments section below.


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