How Many Monkees Are Still Alive?

Micky paid tribute to the duo on social media, sharing one of their most recent photos and writing, “I’m heartbroken.” I’ve lost a close friend and collaborator. I’m so grateful that we’ve been able to spend the last few months doing what we love – singing, laughing and doing shtick – together. I’m going to miss it all so much. The shtick, in particular. Nez, may you rest in peace.”

Michael Nesmith, a member of The Monkees, died at the age of 78, but who else from the band is still alive?

Monkees’ Michael Nesmith Dies at 78

As per the New York Times, Michael’s cause of death was heart failure, according to Jason Elzy, head of public relations at Rhino Records, the Monkees’ record label.How Many Monkees Are Still Alive? Micky, who was born in 1945, is now 76 years old. He was one of many who paid tribute to Michael, whom he described as a “dear friend. Mike was hospitalized in 2018, forcing The Monkees to postpone their tour dates.

His representatives stated at the time that he had a minor health issue before arriving at the venue where they were scheduled to perform. According to TMZ, Michael’s health issue is not serious, but doctors have advised him to rest for the next week.

Who Of The Monkees Is Still Alive?

Following the deaths of three members of The Monkees’ band – British vocalist Davy Jones, bassist Peter Tork, and guitarist Michael Nesmith – Micky Dolenz, the band’s drummer, and primary lead singer, is now the band’s only surviving member.

How Many Monkees Are Still Alive?

Life of Michael Nesmith After Leaving The Band

After the band disbanded in 1970, Nesmith went on to have a long and fruitful career as a writer, producer, and director of films, as well as an author of several books, the CEO of a media arts company, and the creator of a music video format that led to the creation of MTV.

Michael had joined The Monkees as a struggling 23-year-old music fanatic and spent his final days in a sort of reunion with them.

The Monkees: A Lookback

The Monkees began as a fictitious brand created by two aspiring television producers, Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider, who wanted to create a band-themed TV show.

The cast members were required to have some musical experience in order to create the illusion of a band on the show.

How Many Monkees Are Still Alive?

The show premiered in September 1966 and ran for only two seasons, but it was instrumental in putting The Monkees on the map of music. Michael was often regarded as the group’s only “true” musician, but in his 2017 memoir, Infinite Tuesday, he refuted these claims.

Nesmith was running “hoot nights” at The Troubadour, a popular West Hollywood nightclub when he saw an ad in a trade publication looking for “four insane boys” to play rock musicians in a Beatles-style band.

How Many Monkees Are Still Alive?

The show followed the antics of a foursome who drove around Los Angeles in a custom-built Pontiac GTO known as the MonkeeMobile and pursued music stardom when they weren’t chasing girls.

During the show’s two-year run, two or three new Monkees songs were introduced in each episode, with six of them becoming Top 10 Billboard hits. “I’m a Believer,” “Daydream Believer,” and “Last Train to Clarksville” were the top three songs.


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