How to Check YouTube Snapshot 2021?

You may be familiar with YouTube Rewind, but this year, YouTube will offer another option called Snapshot 2021, which is comparable to the “Wrapped” function on platforms such as Spotify, Twitch, TikTok, and others. 

Every year, several services compile their users’ activities and display them to them in visually attractive ways. This allows the user to remain connected to the platform and learn about their habits, likes, and preferences.

YouTube Snapshot 2021

This year, YouTube also declared that it will discontinue the iconic YouTube Rewind video and replace it with something better. The successor will be “Escape 2021,” a highly intriguing yearly roundup live stream. We also have a separate post on it.

How to check YouTube Snapshot 2021? (Guide)

The YouTube Snapshot is a new tool that allows YouTube producers to access detailed statistics about their channel over the previous year. This is the first time YouTube has referred to it as Snapshot. A similar function called “Channel Recap” was formerly available for creators.

How to check YouTube Snapshot 2021? (Guide)

YouTube Snapshot 2021 will notify producers of two important things: The number of time people spent watching your videos in total. And the total number of times this page has been seen. Along with this, the Snapshot will inform you where countries your readers are from, how many comments you received, and which month you received the most views.

What’s Included?

Your YouTube Snapshot 2021 is a yearlong recap of your YouTube channel’s success and growth. It offers a lot of useful data that you may keep to figure out where you need to work the most in the following year.

The Snapshot also includes a section called “Lifetime Highlights,” which tells you how many days have passed since your initial upload, how many likes your videos have received in total, and the total amount of comments on your channel.

How to check YouTube Snapshot 2021? (Guide)

At the moment, the YouTube Snapshot function is only available to Creators. YouTube Escape 2021 and YouTube Music Recap 2021 are still available to viewers. Only YouTube producers will get the Snapshot email.

How to Check My Youtube Snapshot 2021?

You may check your YouTube Snapshot for 2021 in two ways. The first step is to open the email from “YouTube Creators” that YouTube delivered to your registered email account. The email will have a large “2021” written at the top and a love note below it.

When you scroll down, you’ll see “Your 2021 Snapshot.” All of the useful information for the year will be available under that, including your watch time, comments, likes, views, achievements, and so on.

How to check YouTube Snapshot 2021? (Guide)

YouTube also recommends that you share the Snapshot with your friends on social media networks such as Twitter with the hashtag “#MyYearOnYouTube.” Your admirers will be able to observe how you performed in 2021 this way. If you haven’t gotten your email yet, you should wait for your turn.

How to check YouTube Snapshot 2021? (Guide)

Another option to view your YouTube Snapshot 2021 is to open YouTube in a browser, navigate to your Channel, and look for a bar at the top that says “Your 2021 year in review is here.” You may view your Snapshot 2021 by clicking on this bar. At the moment, the functionality is not accessible via the app.


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