Tornadoes in Fortnite: Here’s everything we know so far

Tornadoes in Fortnite: Here’s everything we know so far. The dinosaurs were shown off in the trailers building up to the release of Fortnite Chapter 3, but we can’t forget about the tornadoes.

Both of these would be significant upgrades to the game, and we’re not just talking about the size of the dinosaurs. Of all, the Raptors were in Chapter 2, so it’s not like introducing dinosaurs in Chapter 3 is a big issue.

When Is Tornado coming in Fortnite?

We’ll be seeing some very large weather events this season, and while we get a peek at these roaring storms in the trailer, we haven’t seen them in the game yet.

Tornadoes in Fortnite: Here's everything we know so far

Tornadoes are expected to hit the island at some point, but Epic hasn’t said when we might expect them. According to a leak from ShiinaBR, there will be a tornado challenge in Week 6, thus they will need to be in the game before that time.

Tornadoes in Fortnite: Here's everything we know so farIt’s also worth noting that the Flare Gun should be making a comeback by then, so keep a watch out for it.

Affect of Tornado in Fortnite

As of now, it’s difficult to predict how these tornadoes would behave because the screenshot that’s been released shows it sucking up stuff, which would be disastrous to encounter. Epic Games stated in a blog post that tornadoes and lightning features would be implemented to Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 at a later date.

While lightning will most likely shock and destroy players’ HP, tornadoes will whirl loopers around and randomly blast them out throughout the map.

Tornadoes in Fortnite: Here's everything we know so far

Tornadoes have also been discovered in the Weekly tasks for Chapter 3 Season 1. One such weekly challenge demands participants to ride in a tornado for 15 seconds while in a car.

Tornadoes in Fortnite: Here's everything we know so far

Assume you’re in a building battle when a tornado blows through and destroys everything. It’s unclear if they will be random weather events or whether they’ll only appear at specific areas and times. We appear to have some time to wait until we know for definite.

Dinosaurs will appear in Fortnite

Shiina also mentions that dinosaurs should be back by Week 7 owing to a dinosaur-related challenge. We’ve already seen these gigantic beasts in a promo, but they’re not yet in the game.

Tornadoes in Fortnite: Here's everything we know so far

We can only hope they aren’t anything like the Raptors because those animals would chase you down and become a nuisance if you didn’t get rid of them as soon as you saw one. These larger ones don’t appear to be a major problem because they won’t travel very rapidly.

It appears that they will drop a large amount of flesh for healing, so if you feel motivated to kill one once they are released, you may end up with a supply collection for the entire squad. Of course, we won’t know what’s inside until they’re formally released.


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