Your Bizarre Adventure Codes for December 2021

If you’re seeking freebies and prizes in Your Bizarre Adventures (YBA) on Roblox, you’ve come to the right spot since we’ve got all the information you need right here. This RPG-style game lets players join combat gangs and learn extraordinary, powerful, and one-of-a-kind spiritual skills known as “Stands,” which come in a variety of skins.

Your Bizarre Adventure Codes for December 2021

The codes given below will assist you in obtaining a variety of valuable goods such as Lucky Arrows, Rokas, Pure Rokas, Ribs, Hearts, and many more. Let’s get on- Your Bizarre Adventure Codes for December 2021

Your Bizarre Adventure Codes for 2021

Here is the list of the codes in 2021:-

Active Codes

  • 200kLikesBruh – Redeem code for four Rokas and four Arrows
  • 600kLikesFTW – Redeem coupon for one Pure Roka, one Rib, and one Heart

Your Bizarre Adventure Codes for December 2021

Expired Codes 

Here is the list of expired codes:-

  • 100kSubsLesGOO — Redeem Requiem Arrow and Rokakaka codes
  • YES150kSubs – Redeem code for Rib Cage and Left Arm Redemption for Requiem Arrow, Redemption for Rokakaka, and Redemption for Mysterious Arrow
  • ThxFor30kSubs – SubToUzuForMoreCodes!! Redeem code for Pure Roka, Roka, and Arrows – Redeem code for two redeemed Rokakakas and two redeemed Mysterious Arrows
  • 262kStand – Redeem coupon for a prize
  • Yay251k – Redeem code for two Pure Rokakaka and three Rokakaka.
  • Yay242k – Redeem the code for Ribcage of the Saints Corpse, 2 Rokakaka, and 3 Mysterious Arrow.
  • Yay237k – Redeem code for 2 Redeemed Saints Corpse Ribcage, 2 Redeemed Rokakaka, and 2 Redeemed Mysterious Arrow
  • EXP4 – Redeem voucher for 25 minutes of double EXP
  • EXP2 – Enter code to get x2 EXP for 25 minutes.
  • ThxFor188k – Redeem coupon for Roka, Arrows, and 2x EXP Increase [Expires in 1 Week]
  • GIMMETUSK – Redeem code for Ribcage of the Saints Corpse, Redeem code for Pelvis of the Saints Corpse 
  • ThxFor185k – Redeem code for Pure Roka, 3 Redeemed Arrows, and 2X EXP Boost [Prestige +1]
  • GiveMeSixPistols – Enter code to receive a gift
  • Nostalgic – Redeem a coupon for a prize [Must be Prestige 1+]
  • Test – Redeem code for a free prize [Must be Prestige 1+ or Level 10+]
  • Star Code Infernasu  – Redeem code for Rokakaka, Arrow, and 20 minutes of x2 EXP [Must have Prestige 1+]
  • THIS UPDATE WAS MADE IN HEAVEN – Redeem code for Pure Rakakaka and Arrow [Must be Prestige 1+].
  • Le225kDub – Redeem code for Pure Rokakaka, Ribcage of The Saints Corpse, Rokakaka, Mysterious Arrow [Prestige 3+] (NEW)
  • EXP3 – Enter code to get 2x EXP for 25 minutes (NEW)

Your Bizarre Adventure Codes for December 2021

How Do I Get YBA Codes?

The process of obtaining YBA codes for gamers could not be simpler. Here’s a step-by-step instruction to redeem them.

  • Launch the Your Bizarre Adventure game.
  • Navigate to the menu screen in the lower right-hand corner.
  • To access Settings, look for the gear symbol and click on it.
  • Fill in the blank text box with your YBA code.
  • Take delight in your prizes!
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