Delphi Murders Case:how She Murdered Catfisher Admitted Contacting Girls Night Before They Were Killed, Leaked Police Details

The crime scene exhibits a level of violence that has never been seen before, but it’s unclear if this was done on purpose or by accident. The victim is believed to be his wife—a prominent political figure with ties all around town

The Delphi murder case may seem like one big mystery now because we don’t know who killed her and why they did so at such a young age; however, there are still some things worth noting about their relationship together as well what could’ve led up too such terrible act

The day before Valentine’s Day 2017, 14-year old Liberty “Libby” German and 13-year-old Abigail Williams were dropped off by their older sister at the Delphi Historic Trails in Indiana. They posted one photo to social media from Monon High Bridge Trail but vanished after that! After a brief search process lasting weeks with peaks of hope followed quickly by tragedy, the girls’ bodies were found about half-mile away on Deer Creek bank.

The story went viral not just because it involved two beautiful young women who met abduction only premature ends – though those details certainly captured people’s attention–it also became an example for parents across America

Delphi Murders Case:how She Murdered Catfisher Admitted Contacting Girls Night Before They Were Killed, Leaked Police Details

The police were called to an abandoned building on the shore of Lake Michigan. They found two girls, one bleeding and uninjured but dead beside her corpse while another had been murdered by unknown forces with evident trauma injuries all over their body which appeared as though they had fallen down some stairs or died from blows dealt against them during the struggle before death eventually came due to blood loss after being hit once more).

The authorities released grainy photos showing what seemed at first glance like just another person walking towards this scene However when looked closer you can see that he does not match any description given thus far

A gang member has been arrested for luring young boys into the woods and murdering them. The suspect is believed to be responsible for at least three counts of murder, all within ten months.”

The unsolved murder of Libby German remains a chilling reminder for many in Central Indiana. Since her death, police have revealed more evidence but are keeping it secret so as not to “compromise” the eventual criminal prosecution. Authorities still haven’t released any information about how she was killed or who might be responsible – an orange light has been placed on each home where this crime happened out of respect for its residents’ loss subdue to fear

It’s hard enough losing something precious once; imagine having two bundles gone forever? Every day we hear someone speak regretfully into their phone before putting themselves right back onto social media again without thinking twice

The Indiana State Police began asking around about teens having contact with an Instagram user named Anthony Shoots, citing a connection to the murders. It turned out that man was using photos of male model Kegan Kline (above) as he catfished young victims online for years before being caught in December 2021 when police discovered his true identity from Peru town residents who recognized their neighborhood kid gone wrong too soon!

(NOTE: The police have said that the model has never been a person of interest in this case and has nothing to do with it at all. He became an officer!)

Kline, a 27-year-old man from Indiana is currently in prison awaiting trial on 30 charges including child exploitation and possession of pornography. He was first questioned by the FBI just 11 days after girls’ bodies were discovered but according to an affidavit obtained by WTHR he admitted using Instagram chatrooms where they asked him questions like “do you want sex?” Klines estimated 100 sexual photos/videos came via 15 different under-aged victims

When the girls’ father found out what he had been doing, he claimed they were 15 years old at most. But files obtained on his phone showed pornographic images of young children as low as 3-years old! disgusting

A Class A felony in Virginia would carry a punishment ranging from five years up to life imprisonment if committed intentionally or 10 Years max for negligence resulting in death6. However, no charges appear related specifically either girl7.”

His public defender said in a statement to the press at the time:

Not yet.

The Murder Sheet podcast dropped a bombshell on Friday when they leaked transcripts of the police interrogations with Kline in which he admitted to contacting Libby!

However, the transcripts show that police had evidence of interaction between Libby and his alternate account during a sleepover. They interpreted this as being “enthralled” by what he was doing online–receiving photos from one friend while sending pictures back in forth with another—and placed him at fault for her death even though they received no proof or indications beyond vague statements about missing belongings turned up nothing concrete after searching through various sources such as emails preserved on file where Kline claimed not to have heard from anyone named ‘Anthony

Though he admitted to contacting her, Anthony claimed he did not recall anything about setting up a meeting at the Monon High Bridge Trail. Police said they had evidence one of the girls’ sleepover friends contacted his anthony_shots account again after discovery and asked if knew what happened? He responded:

“I’m sorry.”

The Anthony Kline investigation has been a fascinating look into how one man’s lies can affect so many others. It seems he was never content with just being the father of two children, but wanted more than that for himself- eventually becoming jealous and resentful when his wife began taking attention away from him

Klines insists on Twitter/Facebook feeds which are monitored by investigators; however, they found out about an unknown account named “Anthony shoots” because this person would sometimes post funny memes or pictures using different accounts as well

The officers then dropped two more huge pieces of information in their shocking transcript. First, they said that Kline had failed his polygraph test on the questions about knowing anything related to the Delphi murder investigation- this is news!

Second, they claimed to have evidence that after his first interview with the press organization on _____date___ he immediately went home and deleted all social media accounts including Instagram or Snapchat. And then searched how long does DNA last?


The officer’s expression was one of surprise as he watched the man on TV being arrested. It seems that no matter what they try, these officers can’t seem to catch him without evidence or an arrest warrant first–and there isn’t any yet… The investigation still has a long way to go before it finds out who killed all those people back then and why this continues today with similar crimes happening around town every night

Investigators are still trying to determine what caused this leak, but Kline will likely be called back in court on April 14. We hope his return leads us closer toward finding out more about how he was killed and who might have done something so sickening!

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