Euphoria Season 2 Ending Explained; Agnus Cloud Says, He Has Hope for Another Season. The Excepting Storyline for Season 3.

Euphoria is a famous teen melodrama that revolves around some teenager in Highschool. It airs on HBO. This show mainly deals with teenage issues like drugs, addiction, and relationship problems. Season 2 shows us how trauma changes the person completely and everyone is not “white and black”; season 2  shows how a drug addict can easily fall back to his/her addiction easily. So in today’s article, we will discuss the Euphoria season 2 finale, and an excepted storyline.

Agnus look as Fezco in Euphoria season 2(image credit-HBO)

Season 2 explained:

Season 2 of Euphoria has finally come to an end. In the ending scene, Rue reveals that she has finally stayed clean during her junior year of high school and has made amends with several people in her life. Rue sits in the auditorium with her best friend Jules. After a few moments, Jules asks for forgiveness from her and says, “I love you and I miss you.” After hearing about her, Rue simply kisses her on forhead and lives in the school building. These scenes clearly depict that Rue needs time to forgive Jules.

In the last episode named, ” All my life My heart has yearned for a thing I cannot name”, we witness an intense moment in Fezsco’s home as an encounter happens between him and SWAT team. In the episode, Feya(Chole Cherry)warns Fesco against Custer’s betrayal by dropping the glass in front of him. Feya also tries to blame the murder on Laurie(the famous dragdiller) . After hearing about Custer Ashtray(Javon Walton) takes matters into his own hands and kills him by stabbing him in his neck. Though Fesco tries to control the situation by muffling Custer’s last breathes and puts his own fingerprints on the knife. He also punches Ashtray to show that he is just a bystander in the violence but Asher won’t allow it as he surrounds himself with guns in the bathroom. The SWAT team breaks the door and arrest Feya and asks Astray to surrender, hurt Fezco just watches. When Ashtray doesn’t come out Fezco shouts for him, even when he self is shot in the stomach during a crossfire. An officer breaks the bathroom door but Ashtray shoots himself in the head. After that scene, we see as Police arrest Feya and Fezco. This scene depicts how we all face the consequences of our actions. Ashtray’s own actions brought this fate on him.

Ashtray lying in the buthtab.(image credit- HBO)

We also see Lexy’s theater performance that she dedicated to Fesco who in an opening speech. Lexy designed the drama based on her and her friend’s life named ” our life”. She looks for Fesco in the audience but can’t find him. We know her and Fesco’s relationship is so much innocent than other relationships in the show. Her show gets a standing ovation from the audience. After a few days of the show, Rue calls Laxy and tells her that she loves the show. The play helps Laxy and Rue to reconcile; they chill together. Rue says to Laxy that she is amazed how Laxy is able to cope with her trauma by doing theater. She also tells her that she wants to let go of her Father’s death trauma. In one scene she says, ” I can’t hold on to this forever”.  The scene clearly depicts how a person can channel one’s trauma to create something without using drugs and Rue represents a person who is finally ready to let go of her trauma.

Laxi on the stage(image credit-HBO)

We also see Cassie who storms to the stage and starts fighting with her sister after watching her life on the stage. Her mother tries to stop the fight but she is uncontrollable. After a few moments she leaves the auditorium and ran to the bathroom. There she has a mental breakdown after her breakup with Nate. After that Maddy comes into the bathroom and says to Cassie that it is just the beginning. The two former best friends nurse each other injuries. The whole 2nd season was a rollercoaster for Cassie as she completely changes herself.

As for Nate, he finally confronts his father(Cal) about the sex tapes but his father blames his mistake on the family. So Nate finally calls the police and turns his father in. He also give the last sex tape to Jules(as Cal also hooked up with her and recorded that). We can surely hope that Nate did that to avoid any drama regarding his father and to do redemption.

The potential storyline for season 3 and Agnus’s reaction on it:

We can hope that the next season will show Rue’s healing journey and Fezco may return as his and Laxy’s relationship is the fan’s favorite. As per, cosmopolitan website, fans can expect the season to be launched much early compare to season 2.

Agnus Cloud(Fezco) says to during an interview, “it was a lot of work as. I broke my voice.”

Agnus also said he hopes for Fezco’s to return in season 3. According to him, Fezco would change himself after Ashtray’s death. He also hopes for a  romantic relationship between Fezco and Lexy.

Lexy and Fezco(image credit- HBO)

However we don’t know much about the season 3 plot, it may change as per Levinson’s(director of Euphoria) instruction.

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