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Saturday Night Live brief recap season 47, Episode 15 starring Zoe Kravitz as Cat woman.

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Last night’s Saturday Night Live was an amazing episode as per the audience. In this article, we will give you a recap of SNL’s episode and will also discuss Zoe Kravitz as a cat woman in the show. So with that said, let’s dive into the article.

Brief information about SNL:

As per IMDB, Saturday Night Live is a stand-up comedy show that airs in America. It has 8/10 ratings so you can guess the popularity of the show.

The show is going on since 1975. Here in the show, comedians and artists create shorts, hilarious skits for the audience. These skits are usually based on current affairs. They present these topics with a satirical tone.

 Brief Recap of SNL:

Image credit-toofab

This week’s SNL was a big hit among the critics as well as the audience. As per many sources, this week’s sketches were so strong, and other than the sketches Zoe Kravitz acted like a cat woman in the show and her acting was outstanding.

On the other hand, other performers also acted pretty amazingly throughout the show. They all were invested in their roles. That’s why after last week’s disappointing episode it was fresh air for the audience.

  1. Colin Joe and Michael Che delivered some good jokes about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. They also joked about the various businesses that stopped working there but their joke about McDonald’s was a big hit. Their jokes about these topics are politically accurate and hilarious. But their joke about Starbucks was not funny compared to others.
  2. Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant acted as horny prepubescent boys in the show. Though their performance seems quite random than funny. They acted so fast that the audience didn’t get time to think about the jokes. That’s why many viewers think these jokes were not funny enough. Still, they like “The Batman” director Paul Dano hiding under the couch. As they are trying to find a cat present for Zoe, their comedy timing was quite funny though.
  3. People loved the White House Tiktoker meeting premise as it is based on the facts that are happening right now. As we all know Facebook and Other social media services are banned in Russia, only TikTok is available; so it was quite hilarious to watch tiktokers giving solutions to the war.
  4. This premise shows Joe Biden is holding a meeting with TikTok stars for security purposes. In the show, Chole is bagging AnnaLynne McCord’s Putin poem and after that, she gestures around with her hands and do the classic TikTok move. We can’t also forget about Jason Darlo’s amazing performance.

There were performances in the show like The Princess and the Frog scene that mocks Disney’s first presentation of the Black Princess story, Starirical commenting on Amazon’s New grab-and-go shopping experience, and many more. If you want you can watch the show on Hulu and Peacock.

Zoe Kravitz performance:

Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman(image credit-Google)


Zoe Kravitz was just mesmerizing in the show. She acted like a cat woman in Bat Man. She is the daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonnet.

Zoe brings life to the role and it was also like her homecoming as her grandfather was a producer on NBC. Zoe is doing great in her acting career already and her acting as Catwoman was an outstruck performance for the viewers. As per some critics, she is one of the best Catwoman in the show.

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