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Angry Birds Is Back for Ios and Android, but This Time There Are No in-app Purchases.

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Angry Birds was one of the first notable video games on the iPhone and early Android phones, and it eventually generated an empire of related video games and movies. However, the game that started it all hasn’t been officially released in a long time, as Rovio has been focusing on newer Angry Birds spinoffs.

The unique Angry Birds has returned to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store just in time for the sport’s 10-year anniversary (anyone else feeling previous?).

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The original Angry Birds game was mysteriously removed from cellular app stores in 2019 — Rovio stated in August 2019 that the withdrawal was “for testing purposes,” with no more explanation.

The sport, however, has returned with a full remaster, dubbed Rovio Classics: Angry Birds. The most recent model is a thorough replica of the original recreation, however, instead of the distinctive proprietary recreation engine, the brand new recreation makes use of the additional common Unity engine.

In a blog post, Rovio stated that using the new engine enables “a more sustainable platform for the game to be available on future platforms while keeping the true 2012 Angry Birds experience.”

Even if it’s similar to the unique recreation, there are a few differences: the sport costs $0.99 on the App Store and Google Play, as an alternative to free and sponsored by advertisements and in-app purchases like the unique model.

For example, although the ‘Mighty Eagle’ power-up used to cost real money in the original game, it’s now a simple button that can be used to completely completed a stage.

The game is available for download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The Android model requires Android 6.0 or above, whilst the iOS model works on any device running iOS 13 or later.

Unfortunately, the software isn’t available for installation on macOS, despite it doesn’t necessitate any additional development effort for Silicon-powered Mac PCs.

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