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Journey Now Available On Steam Along With A Special Offer

Journey has been one of the most popular indie games on the PlayStation platform as a whole. With its relaxing visuals and gameplay mechanics, the title was an instant success. Following the game “Flower” that caught the eye of many thanks to its unique concept and music Journey took that feeling to a whole new level.

Journey makes its way on Steam today with a special offer available for a limited time. The offer includes a 25% discount from the original $5.99 price with a special bundle including “Flower” for a limited time. While the game itself has aged quite a bit the visuals just seem to stun enthusiasts even today.

With many PlayStation original games making their way on PC with likes of major exclusives including Horizon Zero Dawn, Detroit: Become Human and many more, it seems as if the whole approach of first-party games has shifted a great deal.

One noticeable fact would be that the game went free on the PSN store recently along with the Nathan Drake Collection as a quarantine bundle for PlayStation users. Although Journey is quite old and is indeed an Indie title however it does pave a pathway for other exclusive titles over from Sony.

Journey Now Available On Steam Along With A Special Offer 4

Considering how Sony’s been willingly providing full-fledged exclusives on PC after a certain time period it is only natural for us fans to expect more towards the cause.

For the time moment let us enjoy Journey’s bundle on Steam. Despite the game going free on PSN it seemingly is a valued deal considering the bundle moreover the minimalist system requirements.

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