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PS5 Showcase Goes Live This September 16th, More Insight On Features & Titles Expected

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Ibtehaj Temuri
Ibtehaj Temuri
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As we come close to the actual release dates of the upcoming next-generation consoles, Both the console giants, Sony and Microsoft have been making constant moves in accordance with the public hype. This year although starting off with a rather unusual start made the future of gaming look grim with folks practising social distancing and completely putting off any sort of events and interaction. However, things have started to take a turn for the better with a more stable and reliable digital approach by the tech giants we get to experience the future of modern gaming a little early.

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Like every other gaming event taking place, the upcoming PS5 showcase is to go live digitally with links provided for enthusiasts to tune in. The PS5 undoubtedly one of the more mysterious consoles has grasped the attention of many. While we know quite a fair bit about the basics of the console there are a ton of features yet unknown and this showcase intends to broaden the understanding of the console’s quirks and features. Of course, Sony’s always been about specially developed games for its console than anything else. Exclusive titles always take priority for Sony and that is evident with how well the upcoming confirmed titles look for the PS5.

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The upcoming event is sure to widen the scope of upcoming titles on the console with innovative releases from top-class studios across the globe. The event is set to be a 40-minute show taking place this September 16th at 1 pm PDT / 9 pm BST / 10 pm CEST.


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