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Apple Possibly Testing Picture In Picture Mode For Third-Party Apps On iOS

Ever since the release of the iPad Pro, fans and enthusiasts have voiced their opinions about Apple’s iOS software pretty much holding back all this locked up potential. Undeniably, the hardware possessed by the iPad Pro series is something unmatched in the tablet segment. Despite Apple’s efforts to utilize the tablet’s features effectively, the iPad OS lags behind compared to its competition.

The picture in picture mode embraced completely by android devices especially on YouTube is still something Apple users lack. The new update brought Safari’s picture in picture mode for videos streamed yet the UI experience just couldnt match YouTube’s standards. All is not lost though, it seems that Apple is, in fact, testing out these features and could very well implement them on the next iOS update. A recent Tweet by Daniel Yount showcased the Picture in Picture mode working with the YouTube app on the iPad Pro.

The feature seemed to kick in during a live stream which could mean that Apple is currently holding experiments allowing playback under specific conditions. The news itself though is evidently positive considering how iOS tends to maintain a very static outlook. Introducing picture in picture mode on YouTube is truly a huge step for third-party apps to utilize all that beefy hardware. Considering how well Microsoft has managed its Surface lineup, Apple still has a long way to go though things do seem to be changing for the better.

Ibtehaj Temuri

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