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“From Michelle, I Am Hiding,” Viola Davis Said Jokingly on Jimmy Kimmel’s Show; Here’s a Full Summary of the Interview.

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This Monday Viola Davis went to Jimmy Kimmel’s live show and talked about her role in Showtime’s new series “The First Lady”. If you have not watched her interview with Jimmy then this article is for you. Here you will get a summary of the interview so stay tuned to the end.

Viola Davis is a legendary American actress. Currently, she is playing the role of Michelle Obama in The First Lady series. This is Showtime’s new series that would showcase American leadership through the lens of the woman living in the White House. This series will be for 10 episodes. Viola also serves as an executive producer for the show.

Viola Davis at Jimmy Kimmel show:

While Viola was present at Jimmy’s show, Jimmy asked about her daughter’s age and about her Christmas present and Viola replied that she is 11 and she has bought her a new iPhone for Christmas.

She also replied, ” I get all of her text messages and then I get all of her pictures because we share the same Apple id”.

Hearing that Jimmy replied, ” Oh so now he gets yours”.

To which, Viola responded that ” Mine is not interesting”. She also revealed, ” I read hers and you know it’s like you gotta honor your children, you gotta honor their privacy. Hell, I’m up at three o’clock in the morning, I’m looking at those text messages then I can’t tell her that I have read the text. So I send her little quotes and then I’ll send her affirmations.”

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Viola’s response shows us she is not only an amazing actress but also a good mom who knows how to handle her daughter without interfering with her privacy.

Next, Jimmy asked her what would happen if Pilar and Kim send something weird. Viola replied laughingly that Genesis can read her text message but she can not say anything because Viola has paid the price of the phone.

Then the conversation shifted towards Viola’s new show The First Lady. And Jimmy told that he had seen the show last night. Then he also complimented her that she is unbelievable to him. As per him, Viola is very talented and she should not be in the show.

Jimmy also said. ” that’s crazy how good you are at this. I mean you really are my wife and I watched it last night and cannot believe it’s not just the voice that you have down it’s like even just like the walking and it’s crazy how much you became Michelle Obama”.

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To this compliment, Viola Devis replied normally that she is glad it was over.  She also revealed that she was very stressed about the role.

She said casually, ” everybody loves Michelle Obama. They know what she sounds like, they know what she looks like and then I’m like oh my God I don’t want Michelle Obama calling me, cussing me out”.

Therefore, Jimmy said to her, ” in The First Lady the other two first ladies are played by Betty Ford is played by Michelle Pfeiffer, Eleanor Roosevelt is played by Jillian Anderson. And both the first ladies are dead but both Pfeiffer and Roosevelt are fantastic characters”.

To this topic, Viola replied, “It may seem like you’re giving me a compliment but you’re just rising my anxiety level”.

She also revealed that she has not told Michelle yet and she is hiding from her.

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