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Surprising, the Day of the Wedding Comeback. We Just Wait 6 Years! This Is Us Season 6 Episode 12

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It’s been shown before that Kate and Toby’s relationship changes over the course of a few years on This Is Us Season 6 Episode 12.

Reversing a Trend

As a young mother, Rebecca ponders the fact that she does the same thing every day, and decides to do something about it by changing her hairstyle.

When Jack returns, he notices that Rebecca is wearing a hat. He doesn’t seem to know what to make of it as she pulls it off to expose her short hair. Until he can tell that Rebecca is angry, Jack joins in with the kids’ comments about her hair.

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Jack instructs the children to be kind to Rebecca because of her hair. They ask her why she cut her hair short and she storms out, saying she wanted to try something different.

Rebecca tells Jack that she dislikes it when he tells her she looks good. She admits to him that she’s become a robot and longs to be more than a parent. She also complains about how boring their lives have become. Jack’s parents, on the other hand, provide him a sense of security through their daily routine. To Jack, Rebecca expresses her concern that she may lose her identity in the midst of this transition.

Walking out, Jack shows off his new moustache and no longer has a beard. Going out is the only way to shake things up a bit.

At dinner, Rebecca admits that her moustache is starting to grow on her and that she enjoys her daily routine. Rebecca is inspired to take a solo at the piano by Jack’s words that they must remain open-minded from time to time.

Here, I wish you were.

Randall informs Rebecca that she’ll be playing the piano at Kate’s wedding, and she tells him how happy she is. Rebecca expresses her eagerness for Jack’s arrival as Randall prepares to go.

It’s been a tough month for Randall, and Miguel comes to the rescue. So that Rebecca may get some rest before the wedding, they’ve decided to keep to a fast-paced picture session. Randall is obviously distressed to see his mother in such a weakened state..

Madison and Beth intervene to keep Phillip from seeing Kate. They are reminded by Phillip that he doesn’t believe in superstitions, and he comes in to visit Kate. The two of them speak and prepare themselves for the task at hand. Phillip is able to soothe Kate’s anxiety regarding Rebecca’s performance.

A Strange Occurrence

Beth and Madison uncover a love note on the dresser in Kevin’s room. A bra and clothes are then found hanging across the chair. Kevin’s unrequited love intrigues both of them greatly. The “evidence” is even documented by Madison with photographs for subsequent investigation.

Were Madison and Beth able to predict who Kevin had an affair with by looking at the wedding photos? Because she’s married, they rule out the possibility that the wedding singer was involved, but then they see Sophie give Kevin a “look.”

Then, as Kevin embraces Cassidy, his plus one, they wonder aloud whether she, too, is the mysterious woman. Asked whether she is good with finding out who Kevin is seeing now, Madison reassure Beth that she is OK and that she and Kevin were dating five years ago, and she now has a kid with Elijah.

When You’re Gone

Senator Randall Pearson needs his picture taken during the wedding photographs, and Kevin jokes about it to Rebecca, who then refers to Kevin as “Jack.” It upsets Rebecca when Randall tells her that their father has been away for a long time.

Phillip, the Big Three, and Rebecca discuss Rebecca. Kevin explains to Randall that the doctor has recommended that they stop correcting her at this point. Even yet, Phillip assures Kate and Randall that music has benefited Rebecca, so she’ll be OK.

Even after Phillip has left with Randall, Phillip tells Randall that he’s not sure if this won’t end badly for Kate, but he still wants to stay optimistic for her sake.

Who’s That Girl?

Kevin quickly joins Madison and Beth in the elevator when they finish reading the message. Madison attempts to probe for information, but gets nowhere.

Cassidy joins them all, and murmurs something to Kevin about being chilly and requesting her shawl from his house. Madison and Beth are pretending not to hear, but they are actually listening in on the conversation to try to figure out what is going on.

A One-Hour Getaway

Nicky, Edie, Rebecca, and Miguel play poker while Randall and Phillip walk in to check on Rebecca. He asks if they want to discuss about the performance, but Miguel whisks Randall away on a wine tasting instead, leaving Rebecca to continue playing.

Randall wants to talk to Miguel about Rebecca, but Miguel is avoiding it and intensively focuses on the wine. Randall points out how Miguel has had a tremor in his hand, and discovered blood pressure medication with Miguel’s name on them.

Randall has enraged Miguel by peeking inside their medicine bottles. It isn’t long until Miguel loses his cool and declares that he only wanted an hour with Randall so that he could reclaim his humanity. Miguel informs Randall that everything is happening so quickly that he feels whiplash.

Giving a Hand

While Nicky, Edie, and Rebecca watch “Golden Girls,” Rebecca sees Jack stroll into the room. He invites Rebecca out for a stroll but it turns out it’s Kevin who’s in the room; Rebecca is only seeing Jack in him.

Kevin is walking with Rebecca and “Jack,” when Rebecca realises he is Kevin. Rebecca slips in and out, and is chatting to Jack again about Kevin and Sophie’s nascent relationship.

In the midst of the awkwardness, Beth and Madison watch as Kevin and Rebecca bump into each other as they make their way to Sophie. As a result, they’re unsure of who Kevin was with before, and they’re beginning to question whether he slept with them both at the same time.

Walking Down the Aisle

Beth and Madison watch as Kevin stares at Sophie, and then as Cassidy places her hand on Kevin’s back, still attempting to unearth the truth.

The wedding gets begun as Miguel takes Kate down the aisle. Kate and Phillip exchange wedding vows, and seal the transaction with a kiss.


Kevin makes a reference to “The Princess Bride” during his speech at the reception, and Randall is delighted to have Phillip join the family and notices how much happier Kate seems to be. Randall focuses on time, and how as we get older, it passes by quicker and faster.

After his speech, Randall brings Rebecca onto the platform, but Rebecca appears quite out of it. She enters the stage after Miguel says something to her. Rebecca struggles with finding the notes for a second, but then begins singing. No one in the room is able to keep a dry eye.

Reality Bites

While eating cake, Beth and Madison keep a wary eye on Kevin. The wedding singer draws Kevin away for a moment, and Beth and Madison assume that it’s for sure her.

Rebecca’s illness and Miguel’s advancing years have hit Randall like a tonne of bricks, and he’s left wondering what they should do about it all. Beth says they can’t really do anything.

When Randall inquires about Kevin’s previous night’s activities, Kevin recalls their stroll with Sophie, their drink with the wedding singer, and Cassidy accompanying him to his room.

Kevin’s insane mystery night will have to wait until next week, it appears…

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