Tesla Model Pi Smartphone 2023 Release Date, Phone Price, Revealed!!! : Source Confirms it has Satellite Link?

Yes, you read that correctly! Tesla may be developing the smartphone of the future. The image, which was obtained by user “GENIE,” reveals that Tesla will enter the fast-paced smartphone industry sooner than you think.

According to the leak, the project’s codename is “Quadra.” Looking at the image itself, we can tell straight away that the face of the phone will have an almost bezel-less design, which has been a trend in 2018. On the other hand, there is a slight notch near the top. There isn’t much to see at the back, but we can confirm that the smartphone will include two rear-facing cameras.

Given how hot the smartphone industry is, with Samsung and Apple pushing the limits further and farther each day, and smartphone makers like Xiaomi and Huawei pushing the limits for affordable smartphones, it will be fascinating to watch how Tesla addresses this.

The most significant decision would be to determine their objectives; given that they are focused on a budget audience, the price range will be the most crucial.

Further examination of the image reveals that the gadget itself will have a potentially large body and a screen size in the vicinity of 6 inches.

Also seen at the bottom of the back is a slit, most likely for the speakers, confirming that the gadget would lack the richness of two front-facing speakers, however, the earpiece may function as a secondary speaker for the surround sound functionality.

Tesla Model Pi: Is it Ready to Dominate the Smartphone Market? In early 2021, designer Antonio De Rose and his ADR Studio Design lab unveiled a model of a Tesla phone. ADR has revealed a detailed concept image of a Tesla smartphone, dubbed the Model Pi.

It was partly for fun, and partly to illustrate ADR’s capabilities in continuous design — after all, the business is already well-known for its mind-blowing philosophies.

Tesla Model Pi: Ready to Capture the Smartphone Market?

How Trustworthy Is Tesla’s Model Pi?

Are you wondering if Tesla has made any announcements about this next-generation gadget, or if this is all a hoax? Discover all you need to know about the Tesla Model Pi: Are You Prepared to Capture the Smartphone Market?

Elon Musk is a fantastic human being, and the Model Pi is no exception. No one would think that such a technology could exist in 2022 if it was not linked to Musk, but because it is linked to Musk, many people believe it is true.

Tesla Model Pi: Ready to Capture the Smartphone Market?

For a long time, there were rumors that Elon Musk was working on a smartphone named the Tesla Model Pi. We now have a bunch of fresh facts about this Tesla phone that would function on Mars through Starlink.

Is the Tesla Model Pi real?

Tesla Model Pi is a futuristic-looking smartphone that world-famous EV-maker Tesla is rumored to be launching shortly. There are countless reports about this next-generation technology on the internet, all of which look to be too good to be true.

We did, however, recently obtain renderings of the Tesla Model Pi’s look. This smartphone is also anticipated to function on Mars, support Neuralink, mine bitcoins, and be the first public satellite phone.

There is no official information on the Tesla Model Pi at this time, and everything is theoretical.

Model Pi Potential Features

If this rumored smartphone is true, it might contain a Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 CPU or higher (depending on when it is manufactured), up to 2 TB of flash storage, and a Super AMOLED display.

A quad-camera and a front-facing camera on the screen are also rumored for the Model Pi. According to rumors, the cameras will be powerful enough to capture images of the “Milky Way.” (Funny enough, but even Covid became serious:/)

According to another report, the Model Pi might be powered by solar panels. It may be charged simply by leaving it out in the sun. It may also be used to run your Tesla vehicle and as a remote control.

Biometrics is an obvious choice for a Tesla phone. The company may potentially use some of its smart camera technologies to build a Face ID system for self-driving Tesla vehicles. Fingerprint unlocking, on the other hand, is conceivable. In the ADR idea, the ultrasonic sensor is located on the touchscreen.

What is Tesla?

Tesla Model Pi: Ready to Capture the Smartphone Market?

Tesla, founded in 2003, is an electric automobile manufacturing firm owned by Elon Musk, who is also the company’s CEO. Tesla is currently sweeping the world, but it was in difficulty not long ago. For example, the firm struggled to procure machine components, executives were laid off, and investors had difficulties. During the company’s bankruptcy, Elon Musk created a succession of breakthrough products and technology that rescued it.

In 2020, Elon Musk’s fate will take a big shift. NASA has inked a multibillion-dollar contract with SpaceX, which he controls. Following that, Elon Musk gained a household name as a result of the successful launch of the Crew Dragon spacecraft. Tesla’s shares was already valued at more than $1,000 on June 10, 2020. As of this writing, Tesla is the world’s most expensive automotive maker.

The same is true for 2021; search engines were flooded with Elon Musk’s name, with people wondering when Tesla will release a phone. We finally have an answer, and it’s a resounding yes. The Tesla phone will be fully unveiled in 2023. According to a Chinese version of MyDrivers, the device will be known as the Tesla Model Pi.


The gadget’s functionality and design, on the other hand, are already well-known.

Tesla Model Pi: Ready to Capture the Smartphone Market?

The Raspberry Pi phone can operate electric vehicles.

According to industry analysts, the new phone will be better integrated and have more capabilities for drivers who wish to operate their Tesla automobile in tandem with a single push of a button.

Drivers will also be able to do duties such as locking and unlocking their car, altering temperature settings, and controlling media.

The new phone will have a slew of tricks up its sleeve, including the ability to unlock and start your automobile without ever getting out of it. This gadget will also allow you to manage temperature settings, ensuring that you don’t overheat or freeze when driving around town!

Tesla Model Pi: Ready to Capture the Smartphone Market?

Tesla Pi Phone versus iPhone Comparison

Antonio De Rosa, a product designer who has worked on several Apple products, is the guy behind the design. Several industry observers have likened the Tesla Model Pi to the iPhone 13. For example, the phone houses four cameras in its frame, with the edges rounded and silvery in color.

The smartphone, on the other hand, has a variety of different functions. According to rumors, the phone cover would include a color-changing layer. How? Designers created a photochromic coating that changes color according to on the quantity of sunlight.

Tesla Model Pi Phone Specifications

Here are some of the Tesla Model Pi’s well-known characteristics.

Tesla Model Pi: Ready to Capture the Smartphone Market?

The phone will be able to connect to Starlink, a Tesla-developed satellite internet service.
Using Neuralink technology, the phone will be able to understand information from the brain.

Individuals will be able to replace elements of their brain’s functioning in the case of brain damage.

Dogecoin may be mined using smartphones. As a consequence, clients will be able to mine virtual currency and earn virtual money on their mobile devices.

You may use the app to link your phone to other Tesla devices.

Elon Musk’s Tesla Model Pi will change the phone industry, especially given the Tesla car’s large market share and growing popularity.

Tesla Model Pi Safety

Elon Musk, the company’s founder and CEO, said that the company has developed encryption technology and would use end-to-end encryption. These two aspects, in his opinion, will assure the security of sensitive data. Turla hackers, on the other hand, were successful in decrypting the traffic. After gaining access to DVB-S satellite channels, the attacks continued with the installation of malicious apps.

Tesla Model Pi: Ready to Capture the Smartphone Market?

Elon Musk, the creator and CEO of Tesla, envisions an ideal smartphone that is unmistakably different from today’s handsets. This may be observed in the design and functioning of smartphones. It’s a good idea to use both software and hardware encryption. If Elon Musk considers this element, we believe he will be able to perfect the notion.

  • Tesla has the potential to be a life-changing event for all Americans.
  • StarLink will provide Internet Services (Connectivity) and will have a direct link to TESLA Cars.
  • Tesla to Tesla Relationship (Like AirDrop on iPhone)
  • To operate the phone, use the Neuralink connection.

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To summarise, we will be waiting with bated breath for Tesla to make their next move and divulge more details on the project.

Elon Musk is a fantastic person, and the Model Pi is no exception. No one would believe that such a device could exist in 2023 if it was tied to anyone else, but because it is related to Musk, many are convinced that it is true.


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