WhatsApp Premium 5+ New FREE Features REVEALED, NEW Subscription plan for Businesses

WhatsApp’s Business app had been expected to get a Premium subscription for some time, and the messaging platform finally got it at Meta’s inaugural Conversations event. A slew of new features has also been added to the WhatsApp Business app to make things easier for enterprises of all sizes. Here’s everything you need to know.

The Premium service is a subscription model that allows organizations to pay a price to gain access to a few special services. The option to use a Business account on up to 10 devices to expand the brand’s reach is one of the new capabilities included in this. According to a previous WABetaInfo report, this functionality is in the works. This is in addition to the existing multi-device capability, which allows up to four devices to be added.

This includes the possibility for businesses to develop personalized WhatsApp click-to-chat links in order to attract more customers. This was also just discovered by WABetaInfo. The custom domain names will start with “wa.me/” and will be changed every 90 days. Businesses can bring links and verify to see if they are usable.

WhatsApp has also launched a new Cloud API, which will offer free and secure cloud hosting services to all businesses and developers, allowing them to easily use WhatsApp features. The new API will let WhatsApp to “build directly on top of WhatsApp to tailor their experience and increase their reaction time for their clients,” according to the company.

On Facebook Messenger, Meta has also added recurring alerts. Business accounts can use this to re-engage users in the conversation and send them customized messages. They also have the option of selecting the sort of content to send. This feature will also be available on Instagram this fall.

Recurring notification will be a free feature at first, but it will gradually become part of the Premium membership model. WhatsApp also charges businesses for using the WhatsApp Business API to send messages. All of these new services are in addition to the existing Business Suite, which includes paid click-to-message ads and more.

Over one billion individuals “communicate with a company each week” on WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram DM, according to WhatsApp.

The option to set up a cover photo to enhance the business profile was the most recent announcement about WhatsApp Business, but WhatsApp is working on further features for businesses: WhatsApp Premium is a brand new subscription plan that is now in beta for Android, iOS, and desktop!

  • What is the feature’s name? What is WhatsApp Premium? Work in progress Availability?

In a future update of the app, WhatsApp plans to add a subscription plan for corporate accounts.

  • I have this update installed, however, I am unable to subscribe to WhatsApp Premium. Why?

Because WhatsApp Premium is still in development, it is not yet available to users, but you can get a sneak peek at this article.

WhatsApp is also working on a way to leave groups quietly!


We previously discussed a new business subscription package that will provide businesses access to extra features like the ability to join up to 10 devices to the same WhatsApp account thanks to multi-device.

Today, we can officially unveil the name of the subscription plan, WhatsApp Premium, which is only available for business accounts and is optional, but we can also reveal what else WhatsApp Premium will give businesses:

  • As shown in this screenshot, WhatsApp Premium will allow users to link and name up to 10 devices, so business gadgets can be renamed to make them easier to recall.
  • Additionally, WhatsApp Premium will allow business accounts to create a custom link, such as wa.me/geeksultd
  • Businesses can already use short links to let customers contact them by opening a link that includes their phone number, but WhatsApp Premium will allow them to create a custom link, such as wa.me/geeksultd
API for WhatsApp Business Cloud
  • The business phone number is not concealed if you establish a custom business link.
  • it is simply a more convenient way to contact the company by using an easy-to-remember link.
  • Because the custom short link is not a username but rather a one-of-a-kind identifier, it will always access a distinct business conversation.
  • It’s worth noting that you’ll only be allowed to alter your personalized short link once every 90 days.

Unfortunately, we do not have any other information on WhatsApp Premium, such as when it will be available, the cost of the membership, or whether additional capabilities will be added to the subscription plan in the future.

What we do know is that it’s in the works for WhatsApp Business beta for Android, iOS, and desktop, that it’s optional, and that it won’t be available to regular WhatsApp accounts. There will be another article on this website as further information becomes available.

What are your thoughts on the new WhatsApp Business features? Please let us know in the comments section below.


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