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Ultimate Tech: by 2022, Neuralink Will Have Completed First Human Trials.

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Elon Musk provided some Neuralink updates, including the fact that the firm is still on target to begin human trials by the end of 2022.

Musk stated in February 2021 that Neuralink was working “very hard” to make its brain implant safe. He also indicated that Neuralink was in close contact with the FDA and that human trials will begin later that year.

However, the year 2021 went by without any human testing. Neuralink hired a Clinical Trial Director and a Clinical Trial Coordinator earlier this year, indicating that the business is getting closer to testing its gadget on humans.

Musk has mentioned that Neuralink could be able to help people with severe obesity. Musk brought up the subject for the first time at his TED talk with Chris Anderson. Within the following decade, he assured Anderson, Neuralink will focus on addressing brain and spinal ailments.

“We’re trying to mend the damaged linkages between the brain and the body.” Elon Musk responded to a Teslarati post by saying, “Neurolinks in the motor and sensory cortex riding across weak/broken links in the neck/spine to Neuralinks in the spinal cord should theoretically be able to restore complete bodily functionality.”

Musk also told Anderson that in the long term, the Neuralink gadget might help with health issues like morbid obesity. Professor Andrew Jackson of Newcastle University, who specialises in brain interfaces, pointed out that Musk’s statements concerning Neuralink are unfounded.

Musk outlined Neuralink’s primary objectives for achieving its present objectives. The Neuralink implant has a “electronics/mechanical/software engineering challenge,” according to him.

The challenge, according to SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, is comparable to the intricacy of a wristwatch, which he admits is difficult. Because their talents are “directly transferable,” Musk welcomed anybody with experience in developing and producing smartwatches or phones to join Neuralink.

The Tesla CEO also mentioned that Neuralink is working on a surgical robot, which is necessary for connecting the implant to the brain. The surgical robot, according to Musk, is equivalent to a cutting-edge computer numerical machine (CNC) machine. According to a video from 2021, Neuralink’s brain implant is made up of a “puck” with “secret sauce active electronics” and flexible electrodes.

Musk, a TIME 2021 person of the year and a 1997 College and Wharton graduate, told the Wall Street Journal that Neuralink plans to implant the device into human brains in 2022. The goal of Neuralink is to use the device to treat neurological problems.

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Musk’s business is in the midst of recruiting a clinical trial director, indicating that human clinical trials for the gadget might begin shortly. According to the job description, the trial director will collaborate with “the most inventive doctors and top engineers” to manage Neuralink’s first round of Clinical Trials.

“The company’s purpose is to build brain-machine interfaces that cure a variety of brain disorders, with the ultimate goal of developing a complete brain interface capable of more closely linking biological and mechanical systems.”

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