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Discord consumes how much data? Shocking Results of Discord Reveal a Shocking Lack of Quality Data as Part of Its Opensource

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How much bandwidth does Discord consume, and how does it compare to other tasks such as Netflix, internet surfing, or YouTube viewing? Here’s a primer.

In an ideal world, everyone would have limitless access to high-speed internet.

Regrettably, this is still far from the situation.

According to studies, only approximately 60% of the world’s population has access to the internet. That means that billions of people still do not have access to the internet, and many of those who do have it are limited by sluggish speeds and usage caps.

Because of these constraints, not all internet users can make use of the benefits of certain programs.

Discord is one app that people are concerned about. People are frequently unaware of how much data the software consumes, and they do not want to hit or exceed their data cap.

Exceeding a data cap frequently results in a significant reduction in download and upload speed, additional costs, or even the entire loss of internet connection. If at all feasible, each of these should be avoided.

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Use of Discord Data

There is no official information on how Discord uses data. However, some important information is accessible online, which has been given by persons and websites that have conducted studies on the subject. We also obtained some information with GlassWire.

This is a free program that allows you to track internet consumption and obtain a better knowledge of your internet usage and how it eats your data.

Data Captured After 5 Minutes of Voice Chat

Glasswire monitored roughly 300Kb downloaded after 5 minutes during a standard audio discussion with 3 to 10 people in one channel.

After 5 minutes, the upload use was just 10KB. That is to be anticipated given that nothing was posted at the time.

Data Captured After 3 Hours of Voice Chat

After three hours on a voice channel with three to 10 individuals, Glasswire recorded a download usage of about 20MB. This is still a modest number, about similar to listening to three or four songs on Spotify.

It’s worth mentioning that there was very little file transmission when the audio chat was running, which can significantly boost data use.

If your friends, coworkers, or classmates contribute photographs, documents, or videos to a Discord channel you’ve joined, your data use may skyrocket. Even in severe circumstances, we discovered that it was unlikely to be greater than 200MB per three hours.

Because we didn’t transfer any files, upload data was once again insignificant. This amounts to only 1MB of upload consumption.

Keep in mind that if you plan on uploading files on a regular basis, your data use will skyrocket.

Data Usage Estimated After 24 Hours of Voice Chat

We can generate an approximate estimate of total data use after 24 hours of voice chatting using the data provided above.

After 24 hours of steady communication and minimal file sharing, it looks that the total download and upload data use should not exceed 200MB.

If you are exceedingly attentive, you may be able to utilize less than 1GB, although this may be challenging.

Discord Data Consumption Should Be Optimized & Reduced

If you’re still concerned that Discord is consuming too much of your data, there are various ways to reduce the app’s use.

Select the Text & Images tab under User Settings.

You should change the following settings on this tab to decrease data consumption:

  • Images greater than 10MB will not be previewed when posted straight to Discord.
  • When Discord is focused, play GIFs automatically.
  • Display website preview information from URLs pasted into chat.


It is critical not to exceed your data cap before the conclusion of your payment cycle, which is why an internet traffic monitoring tool might be useful.

In general, you shouldn’t be concerned with Discord eating an excessive amount of your data. Discord’s overall data use is typically less than that of many simple operations performed on your phone, computer, or other devices.

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