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Disturbing, Stephen Colbert BLASTS Poor People, Sees Them as ‘Tone Deaf Miss Americas’

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Austin Smith
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The cost of gasoline is steadily rising. The rise in petrol costs has undoubtedly angered the poor and working classes. The national average price for a gallon of gas has surpassed the benchmark, according to AAA data. If you live in the United States, a gallon of gas costs about $4.009. This is the highest petrol price since the financial crisis of 2008! The Democratic Party is being called into question by the poor and working classes. However, the mentality of the wealthy will astound you! Americans have been astonished by Stephen Colbert’s newest comment about gas costs! Let’s not waste any more time and go right to the major topic of the day.

Stephen Colbert has recruited Steve Carell, Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and other prominent friends to join on a new Artistic Advisory Board at Second City, deepening his connection with his comedy alma mater.Disturbing, Stephen Colbert BLASTS Poor People, Sees Them as ‘Tone Deaf Miss Americas’ 3

Stephen Colbert, a well-known American comedian, is facing widespread criticism. Stephen Colbert’s detractors are growing by the day. You probably already know what I’m talking about if you read his latest tweet regarding petrol costs. His post about gas costs has enraged the general public. His joke appears to have backfired. Stephen Colbert is unaffected by the increase in gas costs because he drives one of the best Tesla models available. The comic cheerfully stated that a gallon of gas will cost him $4. Not only that, but he doesn’t mind spending $15 on a gallon of gas! Because Tesla is an electric vehicle, the rise in gas prices is unlikely to affect him. But his snide remark irritates the poor Americans! Stephen Colbert’s detractors are growing by the day.

The Poor Have To Carry The Burden Of Gas Prices! Is Vladimir Putin at fault?

The strain on poor Americans is growing by the day. The Democratic Party has lost connection with minorities in the United States over the last 14 years. All nations are united in their support for the Ukrainians. However, the US’s feud with Russia is undoubtedly becoming an issue. The United States government must remember the poor! The majority of Americans reside in the country’s run-down suburbs and exurbs, and they must commute to the metropolis on a daily basis. They cannot afford a Tesla automobile, unlike the wealthy! They have to face the brunt of the rising gas prices.

The poor and working-class people are furious at the government’s decision! Outside of New York and Chicago, most cities lack appropriate public transportation, thus one can easily envision the weird situation that exists. Because of Vladimir Putin, not just the Ukrainians, but also the unfortunate Americans, are suffering! The crowd is becoming increasingly tense! All eyes are on the US administration right now. The underprivileged are pleading with the US government for assistance! On this subject, we will keep you informed. That’s all for now; to learn more about the United States government, stay with us right here!


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