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‘Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Finale: In the “Dramatic” 400th episode, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ reflects on their experiences, there will be a significant cliffhanger at the end, according to Sarah Drew.

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Doctors at Gray’s Anatomy can’t take a break. Not only is their hospital stay and teaching program in jeopardy due to a shortage of doctors, but in the conclusion of Thursday’s two-part Season 18 (which features the series’ episodes 399 and 400), the hospital will be bloodless.

There is good news or — the team will be helpful. Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April (Sarah Drew) returned to help the hospital in distress. While Jackson is trying his best to alleviate the issue of hospital authorization, April is thrown into a ditch to cover up incoming violence. Spoiler warning, that’s really hard to do in a bloodless hospital. As Ben (Jason George) explains April in the episode, he will have to close the trauma center at the hospital and that will not go well if the team is examined by a medical board.

Sounds like a powerful conclusion, doesn’t it? The TV guide teamed up with Sarah Drew to talk about the double season-ender, what happened in Japril, and how fans should prepare for the “cliffhanger” that exploded along the way.


What made Jackson and April return to the hospital before they learned of anemia?

Sarah Drew: There is a lot of controversy about the hospital and Jackson is brought in to look at that and find out where the hospital is going from here, and try to solve the problem the hospital finds itself in. And I’m there as well, you know.

It’s not clear, I think maybe I’m working on a foundation, but I’m not entirely sure because it’s not directly mentioned while I’m there – but I’m there to support … It’s fun. A lot is going on, a lot of big questions at the end of the episode will leave the audience saying, “Oh my gosh, what’s going to happen?”

The last time you went back to the show, it was you and Jackson in that house. What was it really like to be back in the hospital with other actors at this point?

Drew: It was amazing. It was nice to get home. It was great to walk in the halls, the ER, the fresh air, and the relaxing lounge – all the places I spent nine years walking around. When I went to do the episode last year with Jesse, it wasn’t even my team that. It was a different unit that shot that episode.

So I had my own band and I was on stage [in this] and I did and worked with many of my favorite characters who came out of the game and it was surreal. I mean I found myself sitting down, “I feel like I was really here yesterday doing this with you. Sounds normal and normal.”

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