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A Gifted Pokemon Fan Draws Milotic on an Etch-a-sketch. On an Etch-a-sketch, a Pokemon Fan Who Is Also an Artist Makes a Stunning Work of Art Depicting the Water-type Milotic.

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Numerous Pokemon video games have been developed throughout the years, and fans have produced a vast array of artwork based on those games. With this in mind, it shouldn’t be surprising that fan art based on the Pokemon series differs significantly, with some fans attempting to make everything from edible Pokemon-themed dishes to origami figurines of their favorite pocket monsters.

Recently, a player developed another innovative idea, this time focusing on Milotic. Even though the Pokemon series has included nearly 900 different pocket monsters over the past two decades, Milotic stands apart from Pokemon in terms of design. This Pokemon is a Water-type with a serpentine appearance, and it was first introduced to the series as part of Gen 3.

While the majority of the front of its design is cream in color, the end of its body has a stunning pattern of blue and red scales. Long fins on each side of its head and a pair of antennas complete its appearance. A video of creation based on the Pokemon franchise was recently shared online by the gifted gamer Princess Etch, also known as Pikajane on Reddit.

The artist chose to create artwork that specifically featured the Water-type Milotic. However, she chose to draw the image of the lovely Pokemon on a tiny Etch-a-Sketch, so this wasn’t your typical work of fan art. And the project’s outcomes were, to put it mildly, spectacular.

A close-up of Princess Etch’s empty Etch-a-Sketch opened the video she released. Most people might have found filling out this blank Etch-a-Sketch to be a challenging task, but this Pokemon fan swiftly started rotating the nobs at the bottom of the board, and the outline of a Milotic slowly began to take shape.

Once the artist had finished the assignment, it was impressive how the artwork included all the essential characteristics of the pocket monsters. She also stated when sharing the artwork on Reddit that Milotic was her “favorite Pokemon.” In the upcoming weeks, it will be intriguing to watch what skilled painters like Princess Etch can produce. Along with this wonderful Etch-a-Sketch artwork, the Pokemon community has been creating some amazing things.

For instance, a gifted player recently displayed a photo of a life-sized Charmander they had constructed from LEGOs. What fan art is shared with the community next will be determined by time. Maybe Princess Etch will decide to create even more Pokemon-themed Etch-a-Sketch artwork.

Using the venerable Etch-A-Sketch sketching tool, Reddit user PikaJane recreated the perplexed pocket monster that made an impression on fans during the first generation of Pokemon that was made popular by video games and anime shows.

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