Rick and Morty Is Not Only a Cartoon! The Odd Relationship With Video Games Is Also Explained!

Rick and Morty: Cartoon

Before Rick and Morty became an animated game it was an animated American cartoon with black comedy and comes under science fiction. The viewers are not only children for the sake that adults who also watch Rick and Morty as their favorite show. Because Rick and Morty have lots of adventures and this adventure made the audience and fanbase without any age barrier.

Rick and Morty were created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon and Adult Swin has been the original network. Rick and Morty’s animation was released on December 2-2013, in the English language. It has got five seasons altogether. Hence because of Rick and Morty’s fanbase, it has also franchised for other forms of media such as video games.

Rick and Morty: Video games

When Rick and Morty’s franchise lent the cartoon to video games, it has named “Pocket Mortys” as a mobile game first licensed in 2016. To say, Pocket Mortys is typically a flippant mockery of the Pokemon franchise.

In this game, the player exposes and explores another world as a mad scientist Rick Sanchez. Like Pokemon, the battle is role-based with over 200 types of Morty to capture and combat. The game has quite interesting in exploring extents to find new variants of Morty. And this theme exactly conjoined to the major theme of the show Rick and Morty in a way as creative as anything.

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And the other most esteemed Rick and Morty game came as “Virtual Rick-Ality” which was released in 2017, as the name suggests the game’s main purpose is to go with VR headsets. Rick and Morty had a messenger package for DOTA 2, the world of Minecraft in itself the show. Also, Rick and Morty is a subject for many easter eggs, “Wick and Warty”.
Inevitably Rick and Morty’s show has been published as contemporary pop culture zeitgeist and eventually transformed into a video game. The most recent raid confirmed by the creators of Rick and Morty into the gaming world that the first person shooting “High on Life”. The title is being processed by Squanch games which on the other hand founded by Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland in 2016 and is also expected to be on release this October as well as the Trover saves the universe in 2019.

“High on Life” yet the most enterprising project by so much relate itself to Rick and Morty show by style, voices of Rick and Morty, and without fail an intended artistic effect. In High on Life, the players are bounty hunters saving humans from an alien empire because humans are used as drugs. Obviously, the relationship between Rick and Morty and Video games is not far from peculiarity because of the game’s multiple essences. Because the fans all around the world growing like a mould and are always entertained to expect more licensed games with Squanch games at the end. Thus, the odd relationship between Rick and Morty with video games is elucidated.

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