Duffer Brothers Master Class Reveals Secret Stranger Things Documents

Ross and Matt Dover, the creators of Netflix’s hugely popular Weird Things, are experts at turning an original concept into a TV show. Thus, it should not be surprising that the brothers have decided to share their method with other aspiring TV writers in a brand-new set of instructional videos and materials on MasterClass.

Viewing never-before-seen planning documents that explain how the performance changed into what it is now is a component of the behind-the-scenes tour.

Brothers work together to create strange things, including having the outline of a case that is posted online.

As we started to compile [our MasterClass], we realized we had a lot of documents because everything was done on Google Docs, even back in 2014 when we were conducting significant brainstorming for this and even earlier when we initially got the concept kernel, which was around 2010. So, Matt says, we have a ton of documents that nobody has ever seen.

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Duffers can provide a fairly thorough description of the brainstorming and review process by looking at a document’s history. I am not suggesting this was our plan, but strange things. According to Ross, we had a terrific experience traveling back in time to the first day of this document.

What did 10:00 look like? It wasn’t even the first day yet. What color was it in the afternoon? We were able to explain how we got involved in that plot when we returned.

This material was previously only shared by brothers; Netflix was not aware of it. They are extremely private documents. Says Matt. It wasn’t distributed to anyone. Although Ross and I, especially when we were in our twenties and trying to figure out how to do this for a bite Living, I think the cool thing about it is for people to see how messy this process is and where exactly it starts because all you see at the end, in one form or another, is the final product, which took years to make.

In the Flashpoint timeline, DC Comics is delving deeper into the tragic life of Superman and highlighting the catastrophic incident from his beginning that claimed thousands of lives in Metropolis. A youthful Kal-El is propelled away from Krypton as his home planet explodes in a brand-new peek for Flashpoint Beyond #3. But instead of landing in a quiet Kansas hamlet, he made a devastating crash landing that claimed many innocent lives.

In the Flashpoint timeline, a version of events that Barry Allen created after failing to save his mother by going back in time, Superman never rose to the position of Earth’s greatest hero. Instead, Kal-El, also known as Subject One, was taken prisoner and turned into a super-soldier by the American government. However, because he was developed in a lab as a lethal weapon, the other Superman was more of a Homelander than the Man of Steel.

Although Subject One shares Superman’s abilities, he is much smaller and lacks the same social abilities as his Earth-Prime counterpart. However, as DC Comics will continue to explore his origin, the hero offers an intriguing twist on the cliché of the villainous Superman.

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