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Emily in Paris Season 3 Confirmed Coming to Netflix in July 2022? Truth or Rumor!

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We’ve officially entered a new month and with the new month comes the release of tons of new Netflix movies and shows. In addition, we’ll also see the release of new seasons of returning Netflix originals. Unfortunately, Emily in Paris won’t be one of those shows returning because Emily in Paris season 3 is not coming to Netflix this June.

A return to the City of Love? Season 2 of Emily in Paris saw Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) continuing to adjust to her new life abroad — and fans gladly joined her on the bumpy journey.

From her personal life to her professional one, Emily quickly found herself overwhelmed by the options Paris provided. The Netflix hit’s second chapter presented its own set of challenges that left the marketing executive more confused about her future than ever. After finally finding a place for herself overseas, Emily eventually finds herself torn about staying in Paris or going back to Chicago.

Does this news sadden us? Yes, but it was expected. We learned back in April that production for Emily in Paris season 3 was scheduled to start sometime in June. So we knew not to get our hopes up for a June release.

Now, it looks like filming has actually started in June. On June 1, the comedy-drama series leading star Lily Collins posted a photo on her Instagram page of her and her Emily in Paris co-star Ashley Park in Paris. The caption to the post reads, “Reunited in Paris! Let season 3 filming begin!…” Although we knew filming was slated to start in June, we had no idea it would start so early in the month. This is great news!

The official Emily in Paris Instagram page also confirmed that production had started with its latest post. The post is a photo of a table read for the third season. The caption reads, “back at a table together, and it’s not for a client meeting or a dinner party. production on season 3 is starting now!” So what does this mean for the Emily in Paris season 3 release date? We shared the latest updates for the upcoming third season below.

“I’m dying to know what that decision is, ‘cause I don’t know. I’m as confused as Emily was,” the actress told Elle before season 2 dropped in December 2021, noting that she couldn’t get a good read on Emily’s next steps. “I think there’s pros and cons to each. I think Emily is blown away that [her boss] Sylvie would want her to come with her. And then at the same time, she now has found this relationship with Alfie and maybe she’d love to go to London. It’s only a Eurostar train ride away. So I don’t know.”

The U.K. native may not have any idea what is coming her character’s way, but she remained hopeful about whatever happens next, adding, “I think that there would be fun in both of those elements at the same time. Is there a world where there could be both? You don’t know. I think in the world of Emily, anything is possible.”

Emily in Paris season 3 release updates

Emily in Paris season 3 does not have a release date yet, and we’re not expecting Netflix to announce it until later in the filmmaking process. At the moment, a production wrap date is unknown. However, there is a chance that filming could take about two months. Principal photography for the second season took two months, so there’s definitely a possibility for the third season to do the same. If the third season follows the same production schedule as the second season, filming could wrap sometime in August. Then, the show should immediately enter post-production.

The second season spent five months in post-production, so if the third season spends the same amount of time in post-production, we could be looking at an early 2023 release. More specifically, a January or February 2023 release. Hopefully, post-production will be shortened to make a late 2022 release because we’d rather see the third season sooner rather than later.

Make sure to stay tuned to Netflix Life for any new updates on Emily in Paris season 3!


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