The Top 10 Anime of 2022 That You Must Add to Your Queue Right Away

‘Family x Spy’

Spy x Family has become the year’s must-see title in just a few weeks. To execute a mission, an assassin, a spy, and a young girl with the ability to read minds are brought together to form the “ideal family.” Will they, however, be able to fool everyone around them? This also contains one of the most incredible proposal scenes of all time and is worth watching just for that sequence.

‘The Animation of Shenmue’

Following the first two games in the series, this anime adaptation brings the legendary video game franchise to life in a fresh way. Shenmue the Animation delves deeper into the plot while remaining true to its editorial roots. It’s ideal for both game fans and new viewers who prefer to watch rather than play.

“Salaried Club”

After suffering a huge loss that results in his losing his job as a professional badminton player for a bank, Mikoto Shiratori’s life is turned completely upside down. But when he is forced to work in the sales department of another company after being hired by them, he is forced to face his past and decide whether or not he really wants this to be his new future.

With “My Dress-Up Darling”

After admiring a doll maker’s stitching talents, a cosplayer requests him to produce the cosplay of her dreams. But as they learn more about one another, their relationship develops into something more.

‘Shaman King’

It appears that the second time is the charm. The manga is given fresh vitality in this new and revised version, which will please both new and old fans. And, fortunately for all of us, there will be another.

‘Dance, Dance, Danseur’

After giving up ballet after his father’s death, a young man rediscovers his love for dancing when a new classmate reminds him of why he was into it in the first place.

‘The Lust to Kill’

When two bounty hunters become targets, their lives become entangled, and they gradually realize there’s more to each other’s past than meets the eye.

Kimetsu no Yaiba, “Demon Slayer”

As it completes its Entertainment District Arc, Demon Slayer maintains its ascent to prominence as a significant title in the genre. The greatest time to start watching this series if you haven’t already is right now since it has already been renewed to return and cover the Swordsmith Village from the manga.

The Orbital Kids

It has been worth the wait for the legendary anime creator Mitsuo Iso to produce a project of his own after 15 years. The Orbital Children, a brief series that will give you a fresh perspective on the future, features more of the animator’s talents.

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