Dead to Me Season 3 CONFIRMED Not Coming to Netflix in August 2022

I can’t wait for Dead to Me season 3. Who are you? The second season’s Netflix release took place just over two years ago. And regrettably, we won’t be able to watch the Netflix Original in August.

However, it makes sense why one of the most well-liked shows on the streaming service waited so long to return. Production took longer this time around as a result of the epidemic and the condition of series actress Christina Applegate. Since we are aware that this is the final season, our excitement for the following one is at an all-time high right now!

Dead to Me season 3, set to be the final season of the hit Netflix show, is coming to Netflix in Fall 2022. Here’s an updated guide to what we know so far about Dead to Me season 3, including what to expect from the story, who’s appearing, where the show is in production, and our prediction as to when it’ll be streaming.

Sadly, the third season of the black comedy won’t premiere in August, but we do know when to look for it!

Has Netflix renewed Dead to Me for the third season?

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Renewed (Last Updated: 06/07/2020)

Just two months after Dead to Me season 2 premiered, Netflix announced that the series would return for a third and final outing at Netflix.

There should be no surprise that Dead to Me has been renewed again, the series featured heavily in the most popular tv series lists on Netflix. In particular, it sat at the top of the US charts the day of release.

Release Date for Dead to Me season 3

We already know Dead to Me season 3 will premiere this year, which is wonderful news. Additionally, Netflix declared in May 2022 that the show would debut in the following fall. Just a few months remain before that!

The actual premiere date is yet unknown. We expect that post-production won’t take too long because filming was finished in April 2022, and the new season will air in September or October. We’ll have to wait and see; this is only a hunch.

It is quite likely that the third and final season will have the same number of episodes as the first two, which totaled 10.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Feldman expanded saying:

“I always had the sense that I wanted this show to be a relatively short-running one. I understand the landscape at Netflix. It’s very rare for them to have a show that goes five, six or seven seasons. It can happen, but it’s obviously the exception. Halfway through shooting season two, an idea came to me that felt very true to the show — and I realized that it could be a really great way to end it.”

The good news is that Liz Feldman will be sticking with Netflix once Dead to Me has concluded. She signed an overall deal which means any new projects the creator has will come to Netflix. No other new projects have yet to be announced, however.

What happened to Dead to Me season 2?

You might need a refresher on what happened at the end of the second season as the show hasn’t been on our screens in a while.

Jen admitted killing Steve to Detective Perez in the season 2 finale. But in the end, the investigator chooses to ignore the situation. Jen wrote letters to her sons anticipating going to prison, and her eldest son Charlie discovers the letter.

Dead to Me season 3 production status & potential release window

Writing commenced soon after its renewal and it then took several months until the scripts were handed to Netflix for approval.

On September 18th, 2020 Liz Feldman took to Twitter to share that she pitched the third season “to my partners” and it had been approved.

Judy finally receives her paintings back, which was crucial because they included a significant amount of money! The episode close, which involves a hiker discovering Steve’s dead body, may have the biggest cliffhanger. Jen and Judy are operating a brand-new vehicle when they unintentionally collide with another vehicle. Ben, who was driving inebriated, is identified as the driver and drives off.

When will Dead to Me season 3 release on Netflix?

After years of waiting, we’ve now got knowledge of a release window for season 3 of Dead to Me will be coming to Netflix and it was confirmed to be coming in Fall 2022.

For those unaware, fall means that Dead to Me season 3 will release sometime between September 23rd and December 21st, 2022.

The news came on the same day that Netflix announced a new show, No Good Deed, from Liz Feldman (the showrunner of Dead to Me).

Keep checking Netflix Life for more Dead to Me season 3 news and information!


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