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Monster Hunter Rise: More Slots Are Required for Crafting Curious Sunbreak Weapons

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A lot of new monsters and gameplay elements, notably the Master Rank missions bracket, were introduced with the release of Monster Hunter Rise’s large expansion, Sunbreak.

However, it only contained one secret boss monster and a few additions, such as the Scorned Magnamalo subspecies at MR100. With difficulty-rampant Anomaly Investigations and an associated Qurious Crafting system for weapons and armour, the game’s first free Title Update on August 10 has opened the door to practically infinite content.

Qurious Armor Crafting has received a lot of attention since it allows players to experiment with randomly assigning talents and defensive numbers to any piece of armour. Images posted online illustrate differences between supercharged armour and failed attempts that eliminate any form of competitive advantage, making it a serious gamble.

More under the player’s control, Qurious Weapon Crafting requests potent Afflicted materials from Anomaly Investigations to boost particular stats. To fully stand out, future updates will need to broaden the scope of what is feasible with these changes.

In a Nutshell: Querious Weapon Making

For those who are new to Sunbreak’s content, a quick refresher: Qurious Crafting (pronounced “curious”) is a reference to the Qurio, enigmatic beings that were first connected to the Elder Dragon Malzeno.

The Qurio have a lasting effect and stand in for the Sunbreak mechanics as a whole, despite Malzeno being the main monster for Sunbreak and one of the “Three Lords” that this expansion introduces. Following their initial victory over Malzeno, the Qurio search for a new leader (the endgame boss Giasmagorm) before infecting nearly all other creatures with Bloodblight.

Players must strike the red weak places on the so-called Afflicted creatures that Qurio has empowered in order to deal explosive damage because of their heightened health. Hunters can also catch Bloodblight from any Afflicted monster, which progressively depletes their health unless the player causes damage. With the addition of four Anomaly Quest tiers in Sunbreak, the blacksmith could create Rarity 10 weapons using Afflicted materials.

A fifth tier with new Afflicted monsters like Lunagaron was part of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s first Title Update. Afflicted Dire Horn and Afflicted Carapace are materials used in Qurious Weapon Crafting, and they are also dropped by high-level Anomaly Investigations.

Every Rarity 10 weapon can be improved to raise values such as raw Attack power, Affinity (critical hit chance), Sharpness, or Elemental damage, albeit not every weapon has the same list. Additionally, a number of them include Rampage Slot improvements, allowing players to design Decorations with Rampage Skills that were previously only usable through the same action as in the normal Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Need More Anomaly Slots

Comparing the process of crafting rare weapons to that of crafting rare armour, the benefit is obvious. For instance, several weapons have level 2 Attack Boost augmentations, which increase a weapon’s base power by 10.

Similar to Sharpness Boost, Elemental Boost allows players a longer window of opportunity to pierce strong monster hides. Elemental Boost also gives players larger numbers on their specific element damage (or build-up for weapons with status effects). Only five Anomaly Slots are available for each weapon, though.

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