How Many Wives Does Kenny Rogers Have? And His Tempestuous Times

Despite being one of the most recognizable country music performers in Hollywood, the late singer Kenny Rogers never experienced the same kind of love luck. Kenny was married five times during his 81-year life, despite having a long and happy marriage with his wife Wanda Miller up until his passing in March 2020.

In a 2012 interview with Reuters, the Islands in the Stream singer previously discussed his few marriages. While he admitted he loved his four prior marriages to Marianne Gordon, Margo Anderson, Jean Rogers, and Janice Gordon, his job had a significant role in the breakdown of those unions.


The Grammy Award winner openly said at the time that his love of music created a strain on his marriage, saying, Music, at least for me, is like a mistress… and she’s a difficult mistress for a wife to compete with. When I turned ambitious and self-centered, I was so determined to live my life that I paid the price. There was a rift in some of my marriages because I was absent so frequently.

The Country Music Hall of Famer, who passed away in March 2020 peacefully at home from natural causes under the care of hospice, according to a statement from his family, even admitted the errors he made with his previous partners.

Although it sounds absurd to say, I truly loved every woman I wed at the time of our wedding. and I don’t hold them responsible for the breakdown of the marriage, he admitted. I’m to blame, along with the music I’ve chosen. Because you can’t wait to get outside and listen to music, I say that it is a mistress because, in situations like that, the mistress usually triumphs. I experienced something similar.

You can’t say I’m afraid of commitment, he said in jest, adding, Five marriages have been to me.

At least with his former wife Marianne, Kenny doesn’t seem to have left on the worst of terms.

Considering that after hearing of his death, she only had kind words to offer. The Hee Haw actress talked exclusively to Closer about her ex-husband of nearly 20 years.

Marianne said at the moment of his passing, “He was an amazing person. While talking about him makes me very sad since, for 17 – 21 years, he has been so nice

Kenny & Janice marriage

When he was only 19 years old, Kenny and Janice got married for the first time. Despite exchanging vows in 1958, the pair tragically split up in 1960. However, Kenny and Janice welcomed Carole Lynne, the singer’s first child, before parting ways.

The “Coward of the County” singer explained why he married so young in a 2012 interview with Fox News while reflecting on his relationship.

What do you know? I cherished her. At the age of 19, I believed, “This is OK with me.” “At that moment, he said. Her parents believed I had ruined her life at that time and were out to destroy me anyway. I think it could have worked, so, unfortunately, it didn’t.

Did he have a kid with Janice? 

He also disclosed that Janice had gotten pregnant the first time they had intercourse, which was what prompted them to decide to get married. After their divorce, Kenny revealed to Fox that he consented to have restricted contact with his first child.

That was my commitment to them; I would be her father, but her father would be him (his ex-second wife’s husband), and I don’t want to interfere with that, he said. I love him for that because he took over at a time when it was incredibly hard for all of us and he became her father. He was a good person.

Kenny fell for Jean

Kenny met and fell in love with Jean after leaving his life with Janice behind. The former couple wed barely a few months after his divorce in 1960, but regrettably, their union was called off in 1963.

The Texas native’s second wife is not well-documented, but he did speak about them in 2006. That only lasted three years, Kenny said at the time, because we finally realized this isn’t right, and in the end, it was boring for me and me.

Kenny’s Marriage with Margo

In 1964, Kenny wed Margo, his third wife, and during their marriage, they were blessed with their second child, Kenny Jr. The former couple’s relationship ended in divorce in 1976, but the adoring father praised Margo for their wonderful years together.

The relationship, which lasted 12 years and resulted in the birth of a son, was described as really exciting by the man to the Independent.

In reality, the first nine years were as excellent as they come; the last few were merely awful. The marriage was somewhat destroyed by the amount of touring I was doing.

The “Gambler” artist married Marianne, his fourth wife, in 1977, making their union legal. Chris, Kenny’s third kid, was born to him and the Rosemary’s Baby actress in 1982 after a nearly 20-year marriage. Kenny and Marianne broke up in 1993, just like his prior relationships.

Marianne spoke on the timeline of her marriage to the adored star while speaking exclusively to Closer, she revealed her engagement to the beloved star.

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