Some Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Rose Mendez

Rose Mendez is an expert in beauty and fashion and a professional makeup artist. She had previously worked for MAC Cosmetics for several years as a makeup artist. Wide Awake & Dreaming is likewise produced and created by Mendez.

Mendez is the proud mother of three children, including American actress Alexa Demie, in addition to her many achievements. Her daughter’s role in the HBO teen drama Euphoria has increased her notoriety. According to reports, Alexa was born to a beauty artist when she was a tiny child, and she raised her on her own.

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When Was Rose Mendez Born? Her Nationality and Ethnicity

She will be 55 in 2022. She was born in Michoacan, Mexico, on September 30, 1966. Many internet tabloids, it seems, claimed that Rose was born on October 25, 1979, making her 11 years old when the beauty artist gave birth to her daughter Alexa in 1990. Would you believe Rose gave birth to a child at the age of 11? Therefore, the latter birth information is false.

In addition, Rose came to the United States from Mexico when she was a little child. Her family resided in Los Angeles. According to accounts, the artist spent most of her adolescent years partying it up in the 1980s Hollywood club scene.

Mendez holds dual citizenship in Mexico and the United States. She is Mexican-American in ethnicity.

What Is Rose Mendez Up to These Days? details of her professional background

As we previously discussed, Rose immigrated to the country at a young age and eventually began looking into the wonderful prospects available. Later, she received her diploma from University High School in Los Angeles.

As of right now, Wide Awake & Dreaming’s founder and producer is Alexa Demie’s mother. She started the business in 2009 and has since been a member.

Before Wide Awake, Rose worked for MAC Cosmetics as a makeup artist for almost six years, from 2003 to 2009. She formerly worked for the prestigious French fashion business CHANEL.

Mendez has two further daughters: Her second-born daughter is a fashion designer.

Rose has two other children besides Alexa. Falize Rome, her second daughter, was born in September 2000. She is a designer and an Instagram model. Falize is also the proprietor of the RomebyFalize apparel company.

Similarly, Tahlia Rose, her third daughter, was born in April 2009. Rose frequently expresses her pride in her children on her social media accounts.

All About the Father of Alexa Demie

Yes, if internet tabloids are to be believed, Rose was wed to Scott Wilson Vanerstrom, the biological father of her child Alexa. Other information regarding their relationships, such as their original courtship, wedding, and other events, is still kept private.

The only thing that is known about Scott is that he is the adoptive child of Beach Boys co-founder and singer-songwriter Dennis Wilson. In actuality, the late artist adopted Scott while he was still legally wed to Carole Freedman, his first wife.

How Much Is She Worth?

One million dollars is Rose’s estimated net worth. She has made a sizable fortune thanks to her versatility in a variety of industries. Alexa, her actress daughter, has a $3 million fortune, in contrast.

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