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According to Reports, Jennifer Lopez Allegedly Influenced Ben Affleck to Go Under the Knife for Plastic Surgery, Know Details

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The Marry Me singer found it difficult to accept that her husband’s appearance had not altered considerably since their wedding given his elderly age. According to rumors, Jennifer Lopez wants Ben Affleck to get cosmetic surgery. The singer previously gushed about how much she loves her husband Ben Affleck, but it now seems she is urging him to get some help looking his best.

It definitely eliminates the dilemma of what to present her actor husband for Christmas, since she is determined to use “Botox and fillers” to cover up his laugh lines. Before the event, they got into the festive spirit by getting ready. After being hitched in July, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck will spend their first Christmas as a married couple this year.

Ben Affleck should have Botox and a facelift, according to Jennifer Lopez.

Sources claim that 53-year-old Jennifer Lopez is pressuring her attractive husband Ben Affleck to get facial surgery so he will appear “much better.”
a close friend of theirs stated,

Despite the fact that Jen claims she has never personally undergone any cosmetic operations, she believes Ben should have started them years ago.

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She believes that besides a facelift, he requires a significant quantity of filler to smooth out those crow’s feet and Botox to soften his wrinkled forehead. She laughs that it wouldn’t be terrible if they both retained their youth despite the fact that she plainly loves him no matter what.

She reacted last year to images of JLo with a flawless forehead by saying,

That’s only my face, man! I’ve never had Botox, any other injectables, or surgery, for the millionth time!

She does, however, see the advantage since she wants her spouse to be a little glitzier and more glamorous. The mother of two states that despite Affleck being the most gorgeous man ever, she has never had these procedures, but she believes he should have done so years ago.

According to reports, a source said

Jen doesn’t want her partner to get creases and wrinkles because she wants them to seem like the perfect power couple. She also wants to address other issues with his physique.

For a start, there is still the Phoenix tattoo on his back to take care of.

According to a source, JLo wants the two to dominate Hollywood with their incredible love story. The same source claimed that before he married her, Ben Affleck had already improved intellectually, lost a sizable amount of weight, and started leading a cleaner and better lifestyle.

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