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Actor Margot Robbie Reveals Fears and Was Scared About Some Scenes in ‘babylon’, Wondered if Filmmakers Could Get Away With It

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Every time she makes an appearance on the screen, Margot Robbie can captivate the audience. Robbie has played a variety of characters in cinema since her breakthrough performance in the 2013 movie Wolf of Wall Street. She has seamlessly excelled in every role she has played, from Queen Elizabeth I in Mary Queen of Scots to Tonya Harding, a former Olympic figure skater.

Even though the Australian actress usually excels in every character she does, it’s not always simple to translate the performance to the big screen. Recently, Margot Robbie appeared in Babylon alongside Brad Pitt and Tobey Maguire. The Suicide Squad actress recently disclosed the sequence that caused her the most anxiety while filming it.

Concerned well about the snake fight scene in Babylon, Margot Robbie felt uneasy.

Babylon, a comedy-drama from 2022, chronicles the ups and downs of numerous Hollywood celebrities in 1920. This week’s release of the movie had drawn mixed reviews. In the 2022 movie, Robbie, who plays aspiring actress Nellie LaRoy, excels once more.

On Entertainment Weekly Around the Table, the cast of the 2022 movie Babylon gathered to talk about the picture.

Margot Robbie mentioned the sequence in the movie about which she was most anxious. Her protagonist Nellie LaRoy, in one of the movie’s scenes, engages in combat with a huge rattlesnake.

The Bombshell actress had to perform a portion of the battle scene with a genuine rattlesnake, even though these kinds of scenarios typically use fabricated animals. The fact that there would be no barrier between Margot Robbie and the snake was also disclosed. She became concerned about what would occur if the snake bit her as a result.

Li Jun Li Helps Save Margot Robbie

The actress who plays Lady Fay Zhu in the 2022 movie, Li Jun Li, also admitted that she felt anxious before the rattlesnake scene. After Nellie is bitten, Li Jun Li’s character has to suck the venom from her neck after Robbie’s battle with the rattlesnake.

I don’t understand how you maintained your composure when I took the venom, you laid there so motionless, she remarked, complimenting Robbie. She revealed that Damien Chazelle, the director, kept asking her to suck harder when they were filming the sequence.

Well, if I do get bitten, where is the nearest hospital, and how long before we don’t go to the hospital? He gave a somewhat ambiguous response as well. I would appreciate more specificity on this one, I thought.

However, Robbie had a fallback strategy prepared. She mentioned that she was prepared to flee if necessary when describing the scene.

Oh, dear Gosh, this is so embarrassing, I’m just thinking. And that’s all I kept thinking about, the Front Cover model revealed. Brad Pitt jokingly remarked The worst direction I’ve ever received: ‘Suck harder,’ as he listened to her answers.

She added that she had wanted to apologize to Robbie the entire time. I genuinely wanted to just apologize to Margot, said the speaker. Li Jun Li apologised sincerely.

Playing in theatres is Babylon.

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