Are Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Pretending to Be Happy Couples in the Eye of Fans? by Having a Duet Song on the Christmas Eve

A couple of the year for 2022 is Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. The couple has been in the news frequently since getting married in July in Las Vegas earlier this year. The couple wed in a tiny chapel in Vegas because they wanted a low-key ceremony. After their wedding, they promptly traveled to France for their honeymoon, where they were spotted making intimate gestures in public places throughout Paris.

They staged a second wedding party in August for all of their family and close friends at Affleck’s Riceboro house. The couple’s relationship, however, suffered as a result of the incident, and they’re still having marital problems ever since.

A-list celebrities showed up for the pair’s most recent Christmas celebration. Fans are now speculating as to whether the Christmas party was only a cover to divert attention away from the couple’s ongoing marital issues.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck hosted a glitzy holiday party.

On December 17, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck hosted a sizable Christmas party at their residence. A-list celebs like Kim Kardashian, Doja Cat, and Billie Eilish attended the party.

Christmas is J.Lo’s favorite holiday, thus she enjoys planning for it greatly, a source previously disclosed. The night had its highlights, but J.Lo and Affleck’s duet is the one getting the most attention.

The duo can be seen singing John Legend’s By Christmas Eve while the pianist plays a song in the background in a video that was uploaded to Instagram. The audience applauded as the Argo star and J.Lo performed their beautiful duet.

Recently, J.Lo and the actor from The Town have had marital issues.

Fans have been speculating as to whether the well-publicized Christmas party was only a ploy to divert attention. The Christmas party would merely be a diversion for Lopez and Affleck, who are rumored to be having marital issues lately. Ben Affleck used to be an alcoholic, but he has improved greatly since then. He no longer drinks, but he still smokes quite a bit.

According to reports, the On the Floor vocalist despises this and has advised him to cease this awful practice. However, based on his recent public smoking, it appears that the American actor has not been paying much attention to his wife.

Ben Affleck’s friendship with Tom Brady is not something Jennifer Lopez wants for her husband.

A source claims that JLo is concerned that the recently divorced football player would influence the director to follow suit.

Her insecurities are above the charts right nowadays and she’s never been needier, the source tells National Enquirer.

And if Ben believes she will allow him to socialize with Tom, he should forget it.

The insider said that if Affleck and Brady want to explore business initiatives together— with her involvement, the musician won’t stand in the way.

The couple may have hosted this party to keep the media off their backside since they too want a calm Christmas.

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